I received 5 sample packs of a new drink called Peanut Hottie.
Yep, a new peanut butter flavoured hot drink

Me, and my eldest two tried it out. When I poured it into my mug I got a big whiff of peanut butter. And to my surprise when I tasted it, It was really like drinking the real thing. At first I couldn’t make my mind up if I liked it or not. It tastes like nothing I’ve tasted before, except peanut butter of course!

My eldest Ryan, didn’t like it. but my 4 year old Caitlin loves it and keeps asking me when I am going to buy some more.

The first time I made it, I made it with water like it says on the packet. but the second time I made some I used milk instead. I much more preferred it with the milk.

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