As some of you may know I have started on my own personal fitness challenge. I want to lose just under a stone in weight and tone up and basically just get more fit. I was sent out some new Nike trainers, a Shock Absorber bra and a Nike running band from to try out.
I LOVE my new trainers, they are perfect. I love the colour of them and they are really comfy.

Gorgeous aren’t they? and makes a change from white or black


I have been after a sports bra for ages but have never got around to buying one. I choose a black Shock absorber crop top style one that opens at the front with a zip. I love the idea of it opening at the front as sports bras are normally quite tight and hard to get off especially when your all sweaty after a good work out. When I first put it on I really liked it. It fit great and gave lots of support. But once I had put my t-shirt on it was quite bulky where the zip was which was a shame. I’d definitely buy a shock absorber bra again but in a different style.
The running band is a great idea. And I’ll be using mine when I go out running. It’s small and comfy and the perfect size to put my house keys in and a bit of change to buy myself a drink on the way back home when I’m about to drop down dead.

Keep following me as I continue on my fitness challenge. I’m hoping to lose at least 5lbs by the end of May ready for my family holiday on June 2nd

I received the item mentioned in the above post from in order to, write my review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest 


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6 comments on “My New Fitness Gear”

  1. Hi Natasha,

    Have you heard of the 5:2 diet ? there’s a fantastic support group on facebook with over 20k people. Members post recipes/messages of support/ ask advice etc…You can combine this with exercise and will easily hit your goal without dieting every day. I’ve lost over a stone in 2 months and still drink wine, have takeaway etc, I’m just strict two days a week.

    All the best with your challenge

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