Little Yums

I was sent out two boxes of Little Yums from Plum. They are aimed at babies and toddlers. My children are a little older than this with my youngest two aged 4 and 3. But these Little Yums were great and both of the kids really enjoyed them.

They come in two different flavours.

Spinach, Apple and Kale
Pumpkin and Banana

There are 6 packs in a box and 3 wafers in each packet.

Aaron liked the pumpkin and banana ones while Caitlin preferred the Spinach ones.
Even though these are aimed at younger children I will be buying them again for my two as they really liked them and they are great for putting in their lunch boxes when they go to nursery.

And best of all they are healthy!

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I received these packs of Little Yums in return for my review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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