Circus of Thieves Book Review & Giveaway (uk) ends 20th

I recently received the book Circus of Thieves and the Raffle of Doom by William Sutcliffe for my 9 year old son, Ryan, to review. 
“Hannah’s Life is boring, boring, boring! But everything changes when she meets Billy Shank, His grumpy camel and a host of bizarre circus acts. All is not as it seems at the unusual circus; The evil ringmaster, Armitage Shank, has a dastardly plan involving light-fingered thievery…. Can Hannah and Billy stop his stinking scheme before it’s too late?”

Ryan said he found the book hard to get into, but to be honest I think he just had his computer games on his mind. He said it was quite funny and overall he would give it 6 out 10.
There are some great illustrations throughout the book by David Tazzyman. And I love the fact that the main character is a girl, as often these types of books normally have a boy as the main character which makes a change.

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