Tamagotchi Easter Party

I was sent the above items for a Tamagotchi party with the kids. I was so excited (more than the kids lol) to be having a Tamagochi party, as I had one of these when I was a kid.

we received posters, notebooks, colouring sheets, mini chocolate Easter eggs, tamagotchi sweets and some tamagotchi toys

First the kids went into the kitchen to colour and decorate the tamagotchi colouring sheets while I his the chocolate eggs around the living room.

Here’ what we received to help decorate the pictures

Here are some the kids finished creations

Then is was into the living room to find the chocolate eggs.

We shared the tamagotchi sweets out
How cute are these?

And here the super cute tamagotchi notebooks

And here are the new Tamagotchi’s!!

They are worth £24.99 but are on over over Easter for £19.99 and like the original’s you can feed, clean and play with them. But these have a great new feature where you can ‘bump’ 2 tamagotchi friends together and give your friends gifts and even visit each other’s houses.

Here’s my little girl, Caitlin, 4, with hers. They are suitable for children ages 6+. But even though Caitlin is 4 she soon picked up how to play with them after I showed her what to do.

You can find Tamagotchi’s here – www.tamagochifriends.com

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I was given the tamagotchi party pack in return for a review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine

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