resist art with Easter eggs

Yesterday I showed you the resist art I did with my kids. Today we did the same kind of thing, but on eggs.
to make these you will need :
  • eggs (hard boiled or blown)
  • cup of water
  • food colouring
  • vinegar
  • scissors
  • Magic Scotch Tape
  • kitchen paper

1. Take your blown or hard boiled eggs. (Tip: if you are working with young children hard boiled eggs are safer to work on, but do not last as long.) Cut pieces of Scotch Magic Tape into different shaped triangles and place them securely on the egg. (Tip: try to eliminate all air bubbles under the tape to ensure the dye does not leak through and spoil your design)

 2. Mix half a cup of water with two tablespoons of vinegar.The vinegar will ensure the dye successfully stains the eggshell.
 3. Add your chosen shade of dye until the water is a strong colour
 4. Place the egg in the coloured water. If the egg is blown it may float; place a spoon on top to prevent this. Leave the egg to dye for one hour. The longer the eggs are left in the solution, the darker the pattern will appear
 5. Remove the egg with a spoon
 6. Gently pat the egg dry with kitchen paper and remove any excess dye to create a speckled effect
 7. Peel off the Scotch Magic Tape to reveal the undyed egg
8. And there you have your decorated egg, ready to display in an egg cup!

How to you like my eggs? I did one with triangles and one with thin strips of the scotch magic tape


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