My Fitness Challenge – Baring it All

I have recently gone back to the gym. I joined a few years ago, but last year I only went a handful of times and since then I have put on a bit of weight. I used to weigh 10 stone 2 lb and my weight has always been around this apart from when I have been pregnant. Now I weigh 11 stone 1 lb! so I have put on almost a stone. I am 5 foot 5 and a UK dress size 12. I an happy being a 12, I was a 12 before, but most of my weight has gone on around my belly. I hate it. It is really rounded and hard and looks like I’m pregnant! So last month I went back to the gym. I am only going 1 or two days a week as I have my blog work, a house to tidy and kids to look after etc, etc. A women work is never done, as they say.

So today I am baring it all. Here are some pics of me of what I looked like at the beginning of April

See what I mean with the belly. When I wear tight clothes it looks terrible and I am very self conscious of it and really want to get rid of it and tone up.
So to start me off on my new fitness challenge I made my own T-shirt from Hicustom. 
It had an infinity logo on the front with the word ‘young’ underneath and on the back is my date of birth ‘1985’. Here is me wearing it in the gym changing room ready for a good workout

I have also just got some new gym trainers and a sport’s bra, which I’ll be sharing with you on another post after I have taken some pics of them.
And now the weather is picking up I’ll be doing a bit of running too. Running on natural uneven ground is so much harder than running on the treadmill. Really get’s your stomach. 
I have also started eating a bit more healthier, but it is so hard as I love my food and have a massive sweet tooth. I gave into temptation an ate loads of Easter Eggs over the weekend! But I have cut my portion sizes down, as I was eating way too much. I was eating more than my husband, who is 19 stone and also on his own weight loss journey.
I’ll be sharing more photos of me in the coming months, and hopefully I will be getting closer to my target of 10 stone 2 lbs

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