Do you know someone who is struggling and in need of hope? Hope can be given in many different forms. One way is by purchasing an interchangeable Miche purse or some jewelry from the Hope collection. This collection was specially designed to lift those who may have given up. Give someone the gift of hope and stay fashionable. It’s fashion at the speed of life—with a purpose.

Purchase a Shell that features the words faith, hope, and love, from this collection and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit different charitable causes. For the majority of the year, the proceeds go to cancer research, but for one or two months out of the year, different charities are specially chosen to receive the benefits. For March and April 2014, the charity is The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

For those who are victims of domestic violence, this hotline may be their only hope; they may not have any other option or anywhere else to turn. When you purchase an item from the Hope line, either for yourself or for someone else, not only do you benefit by getting a fashionable Shell that can be changed quickly and easily, but you also do your part in assisting this cause. There are several different Shells and jewelry items you can choose from, so be sure to show your support by getting yourself a new bag or bling and helping to promote a worthy cause.

This line of products is made especially with those in mind who are fighting for survival. Its motivational words inspire everyone who sees them. We all could use a reminder that there is still faith, hope, and love out there, so why not help someone and be stylish at the same time? Purchase a Shell or a piece of jewelry and have your own everyday reminder that you did something good for someone who needed it. When you purchase an item from the Hope line, a tag is attached containing a picture and personalized quote by a very special person who has fought and won their own personal battle with cancer.

The Hope line also makes great gifts. When you give a Shell or a piece of jewelry as a gift, you end up giving two gifts. You give the gift of the item you purchase and you give hope to someone who is struggling or who has possibly given up. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself; either way, you are giving the gift of hope to someone who needs it.

It always feels good when you do something good for another person and it feels good when you make a good purchase. Now you can do both at the same time. You get a new bag and while you’re at it you can give someone else a gift. Why not give hope?

This post was written by Jill Coons for Serenity You

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