Have you brought your kids their Easter gifts yet?

I haven’t yet. My kids actually prefer to get just a chocolate Easter egg than a toy

Cute Easter gifts

1. Large Roxy Rabbit £16.00 | 2. Nestling Eggs £5.00 | 3. Thornton’s Chocolate Butterfly Egg £3.00 | 4. Thornton’s Chocolate Football Egg £3.00 | 5. Smarties Little Chocolate Chick 60p | 6. Milkybar White Chocolate Bunny 60p | 7. Easter Sticker Activity Book £2.00 | 8. Hello Kitty Easter Bunny Plush £8.56 | 9. Bunny Money Box £8.00 | 10. Bunny Sleepsuits £9.00

and if your in the US, here are some great gift’s I’ve found

Easter Bunny Bodysuit – $6.99

from: Gymboree, Crazy 8 & Janie and Jack

Big Egg – $4.50

from: Night Owl Paper Goods

Sweet Bunny Basket – $59.95

from: GiftTree

The Magic Easter Box Book (Soft Cover) – $19.95

from: Frecklebox.com

Easter’s Wish Gourmet Basket – $39.95
from: GiftTree

These are what I’ll be buying my kids this year. Kinder Surprise Eggs!!
I love kinder eggs. I wish these big ones were around when I was a kid. I would have been so excited to receive one of these on Easter Sunday

What will you be getting your kids this Easter?

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24 comments on “Looking for that perfect Easter Gift?”

  1. What cute ideas! This year we plan on making all four of our kids Easter Baskets. My husband and I are going to go shopping together to pick stuff out. I was thinking a big outdoor toy for each of them (So they can play with them on Easter), and then candy. My daughter gets big toys (She doesn’t ruin her toys like our boys do). I saw a really cute Doc McStuffins Lamb at Target, so we will probably visit Target and Walmart.

  2. My kids are grown but I was looking for something special to give my 90 year old Dad this year. My mother suggested the solar powered small flowers and nature toys. He has one and he just loves it. It sits on his windowsill and waves and moves during the day when the son is out. So I purchased some more for him and he already received them and just loves them. One is even a Easter bunny rabbit that sways back and forth.

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