It’s not always possible to have a duvet day, despite our best efforts. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just take a day off work and lounge beneath a snug duvet all day as you let the stresses slip away? Of course it would, but unfortunately, life doesn’t always work like that. Instead, apply the concept of a duvet day to a weekend day, when you and the whole family can take part. Say no to the housework and the endless list of errands; so what if the dishwasher needs emptying and the kids’ rooms look like World War 3 just happened! Everything will still be there for you all to tackle tomorrow (unfortunately). Today, it’s all about the duvet and pure relaxation.
Make sure that you plan the day in advance to make it super special. Add it to the calendar weeks before so that you have something to look forward to as a family. Head to the shops and treat your family members to new pyjamas or a new dressing gown for the occasion, or take a look at George at ASDA’s girl’s slippers or boy’s slippers so that your youngsters can be cosy from head to toe.
When it comes to duvets, the bigger the better. If you have a king-size duvet, bring it downstairs and you can all snuggle up underneath it on the sofa. Alternatively, if you (or the kids, or the other half) is a bit of a duvet hogger, bring all the duvets downstairs so that you all have your own piece of snuggly bliss.
Get yourselves a pile of movies lined up that are fit for all the family – some Disney favourites would be perfect for the kids, while some nostalgic movies from your own childhood will introduce your kids to the films you watched when you were their age.
Take the opportunity to appreciate what your kids love. Are they huge fans of video games? Get them to teach you the ropes – you never know, you may be a natural! Party games would be ideal and with the Wii, or Xbox Kinect, at the helm, you’re all in for a whale of a time.
Do remember as well that, just because it’s termed a Duvet Day, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to move or do anything unless you have your duvet with you. Just make sure that the day is all about you and your family – no work, no chores, just fun! Fancy doing some baking or a few craft activities? Go for it! Or maybe it’s a great opportunity to pull out the family board games? Whatever you choose to do, base your day around each other, spend some quality time together and forget about the stresses of everyday life.
Rainy days are the perfect opportunity for a restful duvet day – grab your duvet and pillow and curl up on the sofa. You won’t care about the drab and dreary weather outside when you’re cosy, comfy and having fun with the family.
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