Celebrating Love Hearts 60th Anniversary plus a Squashies Review

Have you heard of Swizzels Matlow? They are the creators of Love Hearts and other yummy sweets. They factory is in New Mills, Derbyshire. Not too far away from me, as I am in Matlock, Derbyshire. This year they are celebrating their 60th Anniversary of Love Hearts!
Lovehearts Logo
To Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Love Hearts they are having a competition
All you have to do is create your very own love heart
There will be 10 winners.
Each winner will win a tour of the Factory in New Mills, Derbyshire and will get to see their very own Love Heart being created.
Click Here to enter the competition and create your very own Love Heart
or you can also enter via their Facebook page. You can also see all the terms and conditions of the competition here too

I was also sent some of their Love Hearts along with their new range of Squashies.
Squashies are their original favourite squashified!

I divided the sweets evenly between my 3 kids and put them in their sweet tubs

Their sweet tubs are old takeaway containers with a sticker on the side and lid with their names on. So there’s no arguing of ‘you nicked mine’

My favourites are the original Love Hearts, but my kids preferred the Love Heart Squashies.
My husband had to have his say too, as he loves his sweets. He says he likes the original drumstick lollies the best, but didn’t mind nicking a few of the kids sweets

Here are pics of my youngest two enjoying their sweets

Visit their website at www.swizzels-matlow.com/squashies

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

I received the above sweets in return for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. I would not promote anything that I didn’t like or approve

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