Hey, friends, we are going to do this a little bit differently this week.
There are TWO FACEBOOK link ups in one.
  1. First, add the link to your FACEBOOK PAGE so that we can “like” it if we have not.
  2. Next, share two of your favorite FACEBOOK POST URL’s that you would like us to boost.

Several friends have added their lovely blog posts.  


Come to our Wednesday party to share them there.

Today, we want your FACEBOOK posts only and we will have LOTS of fun liking, commenting and sharing them.

Thanks so much to our co-hosts for coming alongside and publishing this party on their sites. Gives us more exposure to get our posts boosted.  Be sure to follow them as best you can. They are good people!

Christie of A Kitchen Hoor
Natasha of Serenity You
Dawn of Spatulas on Parade
Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

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