7 Things to do Before you Publish a Blog Post

7 Things to do before you publish a blog post

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now, and I’m still learning new things about the blogging world. Today I’ll be sharing 7 things you should do before you publish a blog post. First off let me just say that some of these tips I’m sharing I have only just started doing recently and already I have noticed a increase in my blog traffic.

1. Always include a pin it button next to each photo. You can add a widget to your blog html that automatically shows a pin it image when you mouse over the photo. But I like to put each pin it button individual under my photos as I can add what text I like to the pin. If you don’t know how to do this, take a look at my post How to add a pin it button for each image

2. Enter a title for the search description. I use blogger so I’m not sure if every hosting platform has this. But It’s basically what appears in search results under the blog title. ย so for example, in search results this post will appear as – Things to do before you Publish a Blog Post – 7 great ways to help increase your blog posts traffic.

I Have only just been doing this one for the last few weeks, as I never even knew what the ‘Search Description’ was for.

3. Add labels to your post. This makes it easier for your readers to find certain posts. For this post I’ll be adding the label ‘Blogging Tips’. You can than add a few label categories to your sidebar.

4. Change your url. Your permalink is automatically made for each post. for example for this post mine is
you may want to change this depending on what your title for the post is. It’s best to have something that describes what the post is about. If you have a post that is about a great cookie recipe you made but your title is called ‘What we did on Sunday’ it’s probably better to change the url to something like ‘great-chocolate-cookie-recipe’ or something along those lines

5. Add a title and alt to your images. Click on your image then click ‘properties’. You will then have a pop up that says Title text and ALT text. I not quite sure what the difference is between the two, so I always add the same to both. If an image doesn’t display properly on your blog, instead of having an empty box with a cross in you will have the title of your image. This will also appear in image searches.

6. Add affiliate links. This is another tip that I have just started doing. I used to do separate post about each affiliate I work with, but I have just started to add text links within my posts. Like on this post Spicy Bean Wraps I added a text link to a lunch cookbook on amazon. I have a disclosure policy on my sponsor page, but I have heard that the rules about this have changed and you must let your readers know in the post that it contains affiliate links

7. Include some of your past posts. I include a few past post that relate to the post I am writing. If I write a post sharing a kids crafts, I will also include 2 or 3 past kids crafts posts that I think my readers my like. This is a great way to increase page views for old posts.

I hope you like my tips and that you find them helpful. Do you have any tips on things to do before you publish a blog post that I haven’t mentioned? Tell me about them in the comments

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