With better weather finally upon us, we’re all looking out at our yards. If you’re like me you are itching to get your hands into the dirt and prettify your outdoors! 
I spent some time surfing the net in search of great planters, and I’ve put together a list my 10 favourites. They are mostly really inexpensive, but sometimes you splash out for effect so I did include a couple of slightly higher-cost (but still not shockingly priced) planters I just loved!

10 pretty planters that won't break the bank
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1. I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick of the white and green plastic railing planters. I thought this adjustable railing planter was a much nicer-looking alternative.

2. If you have a cottage garden, or want that feel on a smaller scale, this Chippendale planter would be a great white-picket-fence feel addition.

3. If your style is more sleek, this set of two tall, square zinc-finished planters would suit the mood beautifully.

4. These barrel planters are just begging for brightly coloured flowers! I’m picturing petunias, dahlias, maybe some periwinkle……

5. These granite coloured urns are classic. I think they’d look incredible with elegant white flowers, or trailing ivy, or even a bicoloured hosta plant or two.

6. This one is made of resin, not my preferred material, but it is really much lighter than terracotta or wood which is great when you need to move large pots around. I love the wicker-look texture, too.

7. If colour makes you happy, these classic 20″ planters come in lots of choices. I especially like the blue shown here, but that’s just me. I keep picturing it aside Moroccan-style candle lanterns, billowing sari curtains, and piles of brightly patterned lounging pillows on my deck.

8. I love this pot because, while it’s pretty on its own, the effect is to highlight the plants it contains. Several choices of colour here too.

 9. I know this unpainted wood planter box is relatively expensive, but here’s why I think it bears considering: It’s made from cedar, which means you will get many years of use out of it. It’s 4 feet long and a foot and a half wide, so you could fill it to the brim. If you’ve only got a balcony, this would fit at one end of it and leave you room for a table and chairs to enjoy it! It’s 19 inches off the ground, a great height for a child to manage!

 10. These sunny, cheerful planters (which come is a set of four) just make me smile!

-Erin, The Usual Mayhem

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8 comments on “10 Pretty Planters That Won’t Break the Bank!”

  1. These are lovely. My husband has made several raised planters for vegtables out of old pallets and he has done such a good job you would never know they wasn’t shop brought expensive ones.

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