The start of the spring/summer season doesn’t just involve dusting and de-cluttering – it’s also the time to organize your winter gear and secure it for next season.
Gloves, boots, hats, coats and jackets pose their own storage challenge, but after adding skates, sleds, snowboards and other winter gear, you can end up with an entryway that’s out of rotation.
Also, you may require more effort if you’re located in a state known for winter outdoor activities. For example, Colorado has many outdoor rinks, mountains venues west of Denver and urban settings in Boulder, so the demand for ice skating and ice skating gear increases during winter months. Likewise, the Mammoth Lakes in California increases the demand for skiing gear during winters.
A few detailed reasons to store the winter gear

1. Protect the gear from summer’s havoc
Sunshine, rising temperatures and humidity; the difference is tons compared to the current weather state. And if your gear includes sports clothing merchandise, it’s a greater sign of concern because of carpet beetles, silverfish  and moths that feed on clothes during the summer.
2. Free up space
Potential problems can occur if the winter gear is left outside to bear the weather, but while the skates have been through ice all winter, you don’t want them in a space which is regularly used during summers — the kitchen storage for example.
3. Avoid winter repair rush
Mechanics are busy during summer season… true indeed, but the specialists who usually fix winter gear damage are occupied as early as the third quarter (just take a glimpse at their schedule in cities like New York and Denver before NFL playoff games).
Everyone has to eventually take out ice skates etc. only to realize the summer damage and the problems that need to be fixed. Why not avoid all the problems by taking the necessary steps and prepare all your gear for the next season?
Just like with most of the difficulties faced during home organization, the key to keeping winter gear organized and dandy is to select the right kind of storage solutions.
The following options can help
1. A set of hooks for everyone
A set of hooks for every family member can help you to maximize the storage in the entryway. More specifically, it can reduce the clutter in the house by allowing everyone to have their own personal compartment for gear storage.
Hooks are also appealing because they are affordable, and you can also add them to storage units in your vicinity. They can really be the difference maker, especially if you’re going to store gear that can be hanged: sports equipment, backpacks, scarves and jackets being a few.
2. Self-storage units
If you really want to win at de-cluttering, self-storage units may be your unexpected answer. These units usually have a lot of space and if you’re organized with the packing and placing of gear, you can even end up with space for unused summer gear or save on monthly fees in the process.
Online tools help you to save money and time by letting you search the right amount of space and associated fees all from the comfort of your home. At, for example, you can search storage spaces by city, state or zip code, filtering the results based on the facility features, distance and unit size.
3. Breathable cotton bags and sheets
Delicate gear such as quilts and ice hockey sheets should be vacuumed, and then stored in a clean new cotton sheet or a breathable cotton bag. However, avoid polyester sheets and bags because they can attract dust and insects, and use an upholstery attachment for the vacuum.
Any clothing items such as wool shirts, comforters and coats should be cleaned, folded and wrapped gently in a cotton sheet. You should strictly avoid storing anything in plastic bags because they can welcome mildew and moisture, or using vacuum-packed bags because of the same reason. Breathable cotton bags are your ideal choice for keeping the items dust-free and clean.
More storage pointers
Certain clothes, if hung for long, can get out of shape, so it’s better to store those skating jackets in the boxes. Moreover, make sure that the items you hang sit properly on the hangers, and use breathable cotton bags to promote air circulation.
Dry the gear that comes under equipment such as ski bindings and hang items like skates, shovels and skis in storage solutions to keep them secure over the summer months.
At the end of the day, paying a little attention to gear storage will have your things ready to go in top notch shape next winter.
This post was written by Sara Stringer for Serenity You

Image courtesy of Carlos Porto | Free Digital Photos

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