For various reasons, you may have to stay in a place for a very short span of times, even for a few days. Cheap accommodations are the preference of such travelers. However, quality accommodations are the choice of these travelers, and they want them to be cost effective. Hotels are not the only options these days, and the serviced apartments are available for the people who look forward to rent the short term apartments. A short vacation rental or a serviced apartment is the apt choice if you move a lot for either business or personal choices. For students again, these apartments are good options. Others who can go for these options are those who are about to purchase a house sooner, and the people, whose lifestyle is not flexible. When you feel short-term apartment is the suitable rental option, then you need to know a few factors.


The location of your rental home plays a massive role as it will not only decide the quality of your vacation but also the money that you will be required to spend. Ideally, when a vacation home is close to well known tourist attractions and popular spots, the prices are undoubtedly likely to be much higher. On the contrary, a vacation home that is situated slightly away from the main city is likely to be much cheaper. However, while the price factor may deter you from opting for a rental in the main city, you also need to realize that your rental home must easily connect you with the local transportation system so as to not dampen the spirits of your vacation. Easy access to transport and other amenities from your rental home is a must.

Customer service:

Customer service is something you need to look for in any product or service. A company that offers good service will look into your needs and complaints. Else, you would be a mere number for them. Your requests would be heard, only if the customer service exists.


Your budget comes into the topmost factors of the list. The pricing should be less than a hotel stay, and should not be more than 30% of your monthly income. Visit site to know about the price ranges for various accommodations.


This is something that makes the short term rentals more convenient. However, with many companies offering the service, you need to ensure if you can get privacy, while the apartment is located in the uptown area.


A company that offers full furnished apartments should be your choice. Whether you are alone or bringing your family, the comforts of the home should never go missing. Look for upholstery, linen, TV, vacuum, washers and other items you would like to have in your place. You cannot miss a few requirements even for a couple of days, while a few may be skipped, if you are going to stay for not more than a week. The furnishing has to be determined as satiating based on the type of stay.


Check for the customizations that can be offered. If you are bringing the family with kids, obviously you may require a baby room or may bring a pet. A few people also require home office. Check with the company if you are allowed the same and how much is required as additional payment for these customizations.

Parking Facilities:

An advantage of the serviced apartments or short term rental apartments over the hotels is that they offer covered parking space. The hotels most of the times let only outside parking or let you park in the space on first come first serve basis. However, it is mandatory to check if you can park more than one vehicle, if your family has 2 or more cars.

Get to know the details:

An advantage the hotels can offer is the 24/7 desk, which can often help you a great deal. In a short term rental apartment, you cannot expect this feature. So, it is always better to be clear about the details about picking the key, check in timing and relevant things.


Most of the short term rental apartments are prepared to hear about the departure of the customer with a short notice. However, read the fine prints and get to know about the charges when changes of dates are involved.


You need to find a suitable sized apartment based on your needs. If you are bringing the family, then a three bedroomed apartment, with kitchen space can be apt. Even if your stay does not involve family, you need to check for options like patio and balcony.


The serviced apartments for short stay offer personal mailboxes, but you need to check if the mails would be directed to your permanent address after the end of your stay.

Author Bio: Nadav Ziv is the co-founder of TellaVista- an apartment booking engine. Nadav likes to share what the users need to know about short term rentals, which are becoming more popular these days, customizations to look for and price ranges. Nadav also writes about travel to various destinations.

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  1. I rented a nice apartment in Paris which was 3 mins from the Eiffel Tower! It was great and we did a lot of research on places before we booked. It was large for Paris standards and very nice. When I travel comfort, amenities and locations matter most to me. I don’t mind paying more to stay at a great hotel and I usually read many traveler reviews before deciding. Usually we don’t book anything under 4 stars.


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