Bike shelters are a fantastic edition to any business premises or school grounds, and it’s a sad fact that only around 2 per cent of adults cycle to work, and around the same percentage of pupils currently ride their bikes to school. We all know bikes are great for lowering our overall carbon footprint and giving the environment a helping hand, so bike shelters are one way to encourage us to get on our bikes!
If you’re thinking about installing a cycle shelter on your business premises or school, here are just some of the many benefits they bring:
Health benefits

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having a bicycle shelter on your grounds is that people will use it, resulting in healthier employees and young people. Exercise also helps burn off stress. If you run a business, having healthier, fitter employees should technically mean less absences due to sickness, and a higher level of productivity. School absences are also a big problem, so a bike shelter is a great way of tackling this problem – okay, perhaps it might not always work that way, but health is important!

Bikes can be expensive pieces of equipment, so your employees or pupils may be put off cycling to work without a secure way of storing their bicycles. A bike shelter will give them the confidence to begin their day with a cycle, knowing their bikes will be stored securely and are not at risk of being pinched. They’ll also be sheltered from the rain and other harsh weather conditions, hence the term ‘shelter’. No more riding home with a wet seat!
Better timekeeping

When your employees cycle to work, it’s impossible for them to get stuck in traffic the same way they would if travelling by car, and they won’t be subject to the common delays which can occur on public transport. It’s also a fun way to get about, and gives a great sense of freedom.
Reduce congestion in your area

Owning a bike shelter and having more people cycle to work or school will in turn reduce congestion in your area, meaning you really are doing your bit for the environment and making the roads safer for drivers and cyclists alike! Less cars equal less accidents and people getting to their intended locations quicker than they would otherwise.
They last

A good quality bicycle shelter only needs to be installed once and can last many years, since they are robust and solid additions to any workplace or school.
Government grants

It’s in everyone’s interest that we use our bikes more often, and the government recognises this fact. In some cases, you may be suitable for a government grant to help offset the cost of your new bicycle shelter. Why not take a look at the various government grants for schools and cycle shelters in your area?
Author bio: Grant Davis is an environmental expert and biking enthusiast. He is based in Surrey and researches on many online blogs and websites including
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