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Cakes are used for celebrating all occasions. It can be either baked at home, or ordered from any reputed online bakery. Gluten free cakes online delivery is considered to be the most popular form of cake that is ordered presently. It is also an easy cake to be baked at the home. This is indeed a great treat that can be enjoyed with the morning coffee or the afternoon tea. Moreover, it is regarded to be a favourite for birthdays and other celebrations and enjoyed by everyone, who prefers to have gluten free food.
Ingredients for the cake
10 ¼ oz or 300 g. vegetable spread or butter
6 eggs
10 ¼ oz or 300g sugar
2 ½ oz or 60g cocoa powder
10 ¼ oz or 300g self raising-raising flour, gluten free
Ingredients for chocolate butter icing
1 ¼ oz or 30g cocoa powder
9 ¼ oz or 275g icing sugar
4 oz or 115 g vegetable spread or butter
Jam (strawberry or raspberry)
Water icing ingredients to decorate top
Cold water
8 oz or 225g icing sugar
Lactose free version

For creating gluten free and lactose free chocolate cake, it is to be made sure that a good vegetable spread is to be used, which specifies that it is lactose and dairy free. Several vegetable spreads including buttermilk do make them quite unsuitable for those individuals, who are lactose intolerant. For creating gluten free and lactose free chocolate cake, it is necessary to replace milk with natural fruit or cold black tea.
Cake preparation method
* Oven is to be preheated to 350⁰F, 180⁰C.
* The cake tin is to be lined with baking parchments or to grease sides and bottom of the cake tin with additional vegetable spread or butter.
* Mix vegetable/butter spread and sugar. In case, butter is used, then it should be at room temperature to avoid difficulties in mixing.
* Cocoa powder and flour is to be sieved together.
* Now include three eggs and half of the sieved cocoa/flour to butter and sugar mixture. Mix thoroughly.
* Add remaining eggs, cocoa/flour mix properly so that the ingredients are completely blended.
* Some milk is to be added for creating a sloppy mixture.
* Then the mixture is to be poured into the tin, and placed in the oven.
* Now, bake for about 50 minutes and with cake tester, test it. When firm, the cake is ready.
* Remove the cake from tin and give time to cool.
Icing Method

Chocolate butter icing
* Sieve cocoa powder and icing sugar together.
* Then add it to vegetable/butter spread, until the dry ingredients are added and mixed.
* Pour ¼ mixture into piping bag and remaining for filling cake.
Water icing

* Sieve icing sugar, add some cold water, until achieving consistency.
* Cut cake into half.
* Spread jam and ¾ of chocolate buttercream in middle and sandwich.
* Spread water icing on top.
* Remaining icing to be used for designing.
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