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With mother’s day nearing, it is important for every individual of all ages to select something for their mother to wish and make them feel loved and cared for. It is not necessary that the gift needs to be an expensive one. There are also several inexpensive ideas, which the individual can use for making the mother proud. Cakes are always an all time favourite, and go well with any occasion. A well selected cake can help to alleviate this day and to intensify the joy and happiness in the mother for her children. There are plenty of online sites that do deal with mother’s day cakes delivery in UK, which can be ordered and delivered at the specified address and date to give the mother a wonderful surprise.

A wonderful gift

Cakes, when baked at home can be a wonderful gift since the individual has to put enough thoughts, efforts, and time into it. There are various tips and guidance that do help the person to make a great selection. Cupcakes are likely to impress her if they appear like big flowers. They are also simple to make, and also, quite effective. However, it is necessary for the person to understand the technique behind baking that goes into baking one.

Ingredients for baking cupcakes (10 pieces)

* 2 lbs buttercream frosting.
* 1 1/2 pound frosting pink and 1 green color.
* 352 leaf tip and big pastry tip 825.
* Two bags for piping.

Decorating the cupcake

Curly swirls are to be drawn on the cupcake top. It should be started from the outside, swirled back in, like that of soft-served cone of ice cream. In such a case, it is important to start from the middle, work the way out, and ensure in finishing the swirl by overlapping the frosting coil end at the frosting pile top. Also, the centre needs to be done lower than outside edge. For making it to look much better, a few leaves could be added to its side. For decorating purpose, a baggie would be required. Thick plastic would work well and a freezer bag could be used. A small tape is to be wrapped on the end for helping the bag to retain its shape for piping the decoration leaves. In regards to the flower, the baggie corner is to be snipped off. A triangle of half an inch is to be cut. The end result is sure to give an impressive fancy looking cupcake. For the leaves, a plastic baggie is to be created and a ‘V’ shape can be snipped to give it the shape of a leaf. With some practice, understanding and confidence, it is possible for the person to create a great looking cupcake for the mother.

Whatever the type of cake is created, the mother is sure to appreciate this work, and enjoy it without any misgivings. As a matter of fact, the cake can help her to understand that her children are making all efforts to keep her happy.

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