March has finally arrived, so why not celebrate with the traditional birthstone aquamarine? Legend has it that if your lover gives you one of these aqua gems, your love can endure the roughest seas. If that’s not enough, aquamarine represents honesty, beauty, and happiness!
One of Nature’s Most Beautiful Gifts:
Aquamarine is one of nature’s most precious creations. A form of the mineral beryl, it is within a category of gems that includes the emerald. It is also one of the toughest stones, following closely behind diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and topaz. The aquamarine comes in a variety of colours, ranging from a light blue-green to a deep, rich blue. Perfectly suited to every budget; it is the ideal gift for anyone born in March or for anyone celebrating a special spring event. Combined with silver, white, or yellow gold, this water-like stone is stunning.
There’s no denying that the jewellery created from this stunning pale-blue stone is strikingly beautiful. These pieces from Michael Hill show just how versatile aquamarine jewellery can be.

Aquamarine…“From the Sea”:

The name “aquamarine” loosely translates from Latin as “from the sea”. While folklore recognizes the aquamarine as a gem certain to provide the wearer with protection and good-fortune, one look at this lovely jewellery establishes its true worth.
Celebrate March with aquamarine, simply because it is one of the most pleasing of all stones. It’s a beautiful gift and a timeless expression of commitment and love!
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