Cardboard Box Castle

cardboard box castle

My kids have always wanted a castle to play with. But when I looked for one they were very expensive. So I thought I’d do what I did when I was a child and make one out of a cardboard box. I used an old Indian takeaway box.

I started of by cutting the flaps off from the top. Then cutting out little rectangle shapes around the top to make the top of the castle. I then cut out a window and a door. You can also add some thread to the door to make it into a drawbridge

We added one of the cut of box flaps to the inside to make a little second floor in the castle

Next we got on to painting the castle. We decided to paint it grey. “but how can we paint it grey” asked Caitlin (4), “We don’t have any grey paint”. I explained to them that if we mix a bit of black paint with some white it would make grey. They both really enjoyed mixing the paint and thought it was magic when it turned to grey.

They also painted a bit of the inside to “make it look pretty” said Caitlin.

“It’s the wallpaper” said Aaron (3)

We painted the box with two coats to hide all the words and pattern on the box

We don’t have any knights, so we raided the toy box to see what we could find. The kids decided to use the cavemen and monsters below, as the baddies, who were trying to get into the castle to kidnap the princess. The little white dog belongs to the princess.

here’s the princess and of course the princess needs to have a toilet in her castle

We used army men as the good guys, who where trying to protect the castle and the princess from the baddies.

Here Caitlin and Aaron are setting up the castle ready to have fun playing with it

Have you ever made toys from cardboard boxes?

Here are some other things that I have made using cardboard boxes

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sensory boards

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