45 Rainy Day Activities

45 Rainy Day Activities for Kids
Here in the UK it has done nothing but rain all year.Some places are so bad that 1,000’s of peoples home have flooded. So if you’re stuck in doors here are some great rainy day activities to do with your kids
free transportation worksheets for preschool the measured mom027 590x590 Transportation Worksheets for Preschool   20 free pages of Literacy and Math
Printable Toy - Paper Sandwich Shop - Kids Activities Blog

Egg Carton Mini ‘Copters 

Egg Carton mini Helicopters

Pipe Cleaners Bubble Wands

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

Toilet Paper Roll Crowns
Toilet Paper Tube Birthday Crowns

Dragonfly Magnets

Sight Word Bingo
Playful Learning: Sight Word Bingo

Lego Mazes
mazes for kids

Glow in the Dark Sand
Make your own glow in the dark sand for sensory play, arts and crafts, glow in the dark sand art, magic melting sand art, and MORE!  So easy to make and so many ways to play!

Free Printable Monster Pack
Monster Pack

Borax Free GAK

Animal Memory Game
Animals Memory Game. Learning Words playing + Printables

Pipe Cleaner Pick up Sticks

Easy Jet Packs

Rainbow Painted Toast
Rainbow Painted Toast

Toilet Roll Candles

Rainbow Cloud

Play-doh Sweet Shop

Robot Cards
robot cards #kidscraft

Melty Bead Coasters 
Craftulate: Melty Bead Coasters

Clothespin Fairies
Clothespin Fairies {ultimate guide to clothespin crafts and ideas!} with a link up! from Wildflower Ramblings


Pasta Beads and Pipe Cleaner Hungry Caterpillar 
The Very Hungry Pasta Bead Caterpillar

Make a Yarn Heart
Textured yarn heart to display

DIY Cube Puzzles

Easy Fireworks Painting

Snake Collages

Sticker Train Craft
Sticker Train Craft for Kids @ Play Trains! http://play-trains.com/

Paper Plate Fish

Rainbow Fingerprint Flowers
Rainbow Fingerprint Flower ~ Family Art

Felt Button Bracelets

Cardboard Tube Train
Project: Recycle & Create cardboard tube train

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

Activity Sticks

Jewellery & Art Party Crafts

What is your favourite rainy day activity?

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