Yes! Animal print Crib Bedding, Unisex Crib Bedding is What I Wanted for my New Baby {guest post}

Finally the time came for my husband and me to do the most honorable thing for our unborn child, shopping. I was only seven months pregnant and I had been filled by joy and excitement to know soon or later I would be a mommy. Though we had been a bit ignorant about the sex of our baby, we never wanted to speculate or rather rely on one sex. It was time to purchase the best bedding crib that would serve well to whichever sex of our baby. This was an enticing experience especially for us bearing in mind that we were going to be new parents. It would be a bit challenging to identify the right type of crib bedding for our baby, but at least we knew our taste. We actually had agreed to purchase an animal print crib bedding that was unisex crib bedding or gender neutral. This would make our baby’s bedroom a walk on the wild side. We wished to update our bedroom with this stylish crib bedding and duvet cover set. However, we had not decided which animal print would do best for our unborn child. During this moment I felt some bit of confusion concerning my purchases for the baby. I was going to be a mommy at last and I never wished to be an example of a fallen mom. I am glad that my husband supported me getting books, magazines to check into as a research activity so as to come up with the right type of animal print crib bedding that was actually unisex.
The best features of Animal print crib bedding gave me the right bedroom theme.
Setting a bedroom theme was not going to be a simple task on my side. It included matching colors of my curtains, carpets and mostly the duvet cover set. I wish was to update my bedroom with stylish duvet cover set. I was told that it comes with a 300-thread cotton sateen duvet cover and two matching standard pillow shams, all made with 100 percent cotton. I wouldn’t go for any other fabric rather that 100% cotton. I also had to ensure that my animal print crib bedding was safe for my baby to use. My research directed me to understand that organic crib bedding were not only safe but also economical to use. The problem with this type of animal print crib bedding was the availability in the local markets. I was not intending to do any adjustment to my idea rather buy animal print crib bedding. We also identified the stores in which we were to look into. Guidelines from friends and relatives become of great help to us because we got good insights of the variety of crib bedding types. The animal crib bedding was to serve other purposes. Like I wished to have a crib bedding that would keep me close to my baby. One could be pushed along and fit in my house pavements and corridors. This should the happiest moment in my life. I was very glad for the support my husband gave me all through. He actually understood how I felt of our baby and what he meant to both of us.
Animal print crib bedding made my room standout of the rest.
After identifying all sorts of animal print crib bedding, my husband and I were to pick the animal print of our choice. Animal print bedding features a variety of different animal patters. According to our research, over the years, nursery collections have come out featuring leopard
print, cheetah print nursery bedding, and even zebra crib bedding or crib sets featuring cow print. All this aprt from the cow were of our taste but we had to narrow down to the right type that would make our baby fell happy. We understood well that babies have different temperaments and we were not certain enough to say – this type of animal print will delight our child. What we were to do was to get the baby what we felt was good and that which will bring joy and happiness.
Whichever selection we made animal print would be the best with us
We also noted clearly that some sets include an animal print quilt while others feature animal print in certain sections of the fabric. An animal print themed nursery can be very stunning. Our selections were a bit tricky regarding that a selection, for example, a leopard baby quilt or cheetah baby bedding, will see how it will stand out in the nursery. We also got aware that decorative zebra print pillows or any other animal print pillows would add an extra accent to our baby’s crib when not sleeping in it. So whichever bedding we were to choose, each animal print baby bedding collection features a host of coordinating animal print nursery décor to help me create the ideal nursery for my little baby.

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