A guys isn’t looking for their heart to melt when they open their present. They want something amazing they can brag to their friends about. Resist the temptation to give them a mushy gift and take a look at these more suitable options instead.

 An expensive gadget

 Guys spend far too much money on expensive gadgets and they’re first to the store as soon as they’re released. I bet your husband would appreciate a gadget they don’t yet have in their collection. The iPad Mini is one of the most popular gadgets around at the moment and it’s something any man would love. It’s a lot smaller than a normal iPad so they can carry it around everywhere they go. You might even get to watch what you want on TV if they can’t stop playing with it on the couch at night.

 Driving a fast car

 Most men love everything about cars because they’re addicted to anything that goes fast. Unfortunately only the rich can afford to buy cars that could give you goose bumps. Even if your husband doesn’t plan on winning the lottery any time soon you can still give them the opportunity to drive a sports car by buying them a day at the track for their birthday. Check out some of the tracks on the internet and you can choose one with a car your husband would love to drive.

 A leather wallet

 Even if someone doesn’t have a lot of money in their wallet they will feel rich walking around with an expensive leather one. They will love pulling it out at the bar for everyone to see. A wallet is one of those things men would love as a gift, but they wouldn’t spend a ton of money on one to treat themselves. A good one can last for a very long time and it will get used every day, so it’s an amazing gift to give your husband.

 Expensive cigars

 Over the last few years cigars have been increasing in popularity, which maybe has something do to with the rise of poker. If men are playing with their friends there is always a box of cigars getting passed around the table. Buy your husband a box of expensive cigars and they will enjoy every last one of them. You can also get them a wooden cigar box because they will need somewhere to keep the cigars to stop them from drying out.

 Personalized golf balls

 Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and middle-aged men love playing as often as possible. Once they get older they don’t want to run around a football field, but walking around a golf course is a great way for them to stay fit. It’s an expensive sport and men will pay a lot of money for fancy clubs and a nice golf bag, but they don’t usually by themselves personalized balls. I would only go down this route if your husband is a good golfer because they’ll lose all the balls pretty quickly if they’re not.

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