I was recently contacted and asked if me and my kids would like to review some Smiggle products. You may of never heard of them before as they are an Australia based company selling kids stationary and school items. But on the 20th February 2014 they are opening their first UK store in Stratford, Westfield! and soon a few more stores around the UK.

You can visit their UK website here – www.smiggle.co.uk
or their Australian site here – www.smiggle.com
The word ‘Smiggle’ means where a smile meats a giggle. Smiggle sent my kids a few products to review and was given the challenge to make something that would make me giggle!
I was surprised when I opened the package as they was quite a lot of items in there! I was giddy with excitement! Here’s what we received – 
  • Pony Stencil book
  • Scratch Pad
  • Orange Scribble Pad
  • Green Zip Pencil Case
  • 3 Pencils with animal rubbers
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Double Ended Coloured Pencils
  • Double Ended Felt Tips
  • 3 Rainbow Pens
  • A Purple Book Light

 The Scratch Pad comes with black sheets of card pages that you scratch with the scratch tool to make colourful pictures. There are also different images on each page for you to copy if you wish. 

 Double Ended Colouring Pencils

Smiggle Felt Tip Pens have a thick tip one end and a thin tip the other ended. And these felt tips are also scented!! We had fun trying to guess what each one smelt like. The brown one was chocolate and the pink strawberry. We thought the light blue was either blueberry or bubble gum. They come in a smart case too which I love. Infact I wanted to keep these for myself but the kids were having none of it.

How cool is this Pencil case?

Cute pencil sharpener with 3 different hole sizes

 My kids absolutely loved these!!! Rainbow pens!! just slide down the button for each different coloured pen!

The first thing my 4 year old daughter Caitlin wanted to try out was the Pony Stencil Book. It came with a sheet of stickers, stencil sheets and loads of pony pictures to make

Here she is getting to work using her rainbow pencil

She loved adding the stickers on too!

Aaron wanted to try out the Scratch Pad

Aaron also wanted to make his own picture on the Scribble pad with his new felt tips.
Here are their finished pictures

“Does my pretty pony make you happy and giggle?” asked Caitlin

Caitlin also had a go on the scratch pad. Here’s her ghost

My eldest son Ryan was at school when we tested the items out, but he couldn’t wait to try the scratch pad out

He loved the Rainbow pen the best and also the Book Light. As now he can read his books in bed without disturbing his brother Aaron with the light on.

We loved trying out the Smiggle products, and I can’t wait till the UK stores open. I will definitely be buying some of their products. I think the first thing I would get would be my own set of the felt tips. And I maybe buy a few of the rainbow pens as stocking fillers for my niece and nephews for next Christmas

Go and take a look at www.smiggle.co.uk and take a look at all there lovely products. Another one of the items I’d get are the backpacks, so cute!! What Smiggle product would you buy?

You can find Smiggle here too :
You Tube


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