How to make Play-doh and Win $20 Amazon Gift Card

Today Kim from Life Over C’s is sharing how she makes play-doh. And she is also giving away $20 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner!!


Kids and play dough. They go together so well! At our house we make new play dough almost every week. We love trying out new recipes, mediums, adding colors and glitter. In fact, the first thing my almost three-year old asked to play with today was ‘doh doh’. She doesn’t actually talk fluently yet, so that was a major accomplishment for her. A definite example of how much she loves play dough.

She is most in love with cloud dough. Though we have to restrict the use (there *may* be a bowl of it hidden on a high shelf where she can’t see it) because she likes to play in it with her feet.

My absolute favorite way of making play dough is very simple and you can find it all over the internet:
2 cups of flour
1 cup of boiling water
a couple Tbsp. of oil (to make it smooth)
1 Tbsp. vinegar (so it doesn’t rot)- You can also use Cream of Tartar, but I can’t buy that where I live.

Then, simply add your mix-ins:
food coloring
tempera paint (great for BRIGHT colors)

The dough that you see here was colored with tempera paint.

More fun than the actual play dough making is the playing! We have a bunch of play dough mats that we keep at hand for some fun imaginative play. And we keep a supply of play dough toys on hand too.

Sometimes we use them both together. This time the beads won the favorite add-in of the day award.

Shiloh loved building nests for the beads, covering them up and then after becoming a little distressed about them disappearing, she figured out how to uncover them.

I’d love to share a fun freebie with you today! It’s a set of play dough mats for shapes. It also includes a writing component, so if your kids love erasable markers as much as mine do, you can also use them to practice writing the shape names.

Simply click on the picture to access the freebie from my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. 


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