Face Exercises, Your Best Anti-aging Secret

Face exercises are becoming the new treatment of choice for people who don’t want to risk cosmetic surgery. With the trend turning towards a more natural look, the search is on to find a new way to look younger for longer.
Facial toning expert, Elaine Bartlett is at the forefront of the new exercise craze. Her Faceworks program applies the science of exercise to facial muscles. Now 52, Elaine believes she has found the secret of looking younger.
‘When I tell people what I do, the million-dollar question always comes: ‘Do face exercises work?’ When I tell them how old I am, the reaction is either disbelief, or they think I’ve had surgery. It’s hard to believe that just doing exercises can make such a difference, but it does.
I’ve found that everyone- absolutely everyone- has something they want to change about their face. People are fascinated and delighted that they can take control right then, right there and start to improve their baggy eyelids or their jowls. It’s wonderful to see the boost it gives them.
The benefits of exercise are well known. Working your facial muscles with specially designed programs such as Faceworks benefits your entire face and treats all the signs of ageing. In 5 or 10 years time I think facial toning will be as normal as going to the gym, and there will be face exercise classes just the same as there are classes for aerobics, or Zumba.
Although I’m in my 50s, my face is toned and my skin is fantastic. That’s why; for all the Faceworks exercise videos, I used myself and not a model. Film shows people how they really are and if the exercises didn’t work the evidence would be there for all to see.
Of course I have a few wrinkles, that’s to be expected. I’m never going to look like I’m 25 and truthfully, I don’t want to. I just want to look great and not worry about ageing”. Faceworks is available at www.faceworks.co.uk
This contribution to Serenity You comes courtesy of Faceworks, the team would like to thank Natasha for the opportunity to share our expert tips and ideas, keep tuned for more.

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