Aquamarine is brilliant and even outshines diamonds when used in jewelry. Aquamarine means sea water really reflects the color of crystals like its cousin emerald. From the Roman bridegrooms to modern grooms all believe that an aquamarine ring as a wedding gift to brides can enliven the strong feelings of love and bliss.
 Aquamarine rings and jewelry are available in a slew of models and styles. Outstanding for their elegance, radiance and fabulous aestheticism they when reflect in the light. Resistant to fractures the jewelry can be in a variety of shapes. You can have shapes of round, pear, oval, square, and emerald besides vanity shapes.
Beautiful necklaces are amazing. When a gemstone is paired with white gold or silver you can enjoy the cool tones of the gem and the silver. It looks well with the warm tones of gold as well.
Poetically minded people say that you can hear the roaring waves as you glance at the various facets of aquamarine. Symbolizing the spirit of the ocean aquamarine comes to you juxtaposing the lightness of its shallow regions and the lingering mystery of its unfathomed depths.

Today’s jewelry culture celebrates Birthstones. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. The antique-style aquamarine rings reiterate the undying value of vintage-themed jewelry. Recently launched antique-style aquamarine wedding set sent ripples in the market. Women fall in love with aquamarine for its icy blue shade and sparkle. They will not take their eye away from a variety of vintage and style rings now part of every aquamarine rings and wedding jewelry collection.
Available in floral and filigree patterns and octagonal shapes these rings will make all nostalgic. The antique looks are further matched by quality stones as in any new ring blended with elegant design. Aquamarine jewelry is an extension of the personal style of a woman and the color of gemstone that is solely their discretion.
The new line of antique jewelry combines the best of old and new appealingly. They are truly stunning jewelry at great prices.

Image courtesy of Boykung | Free Digital Photos

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1 comment on “Ever Fascinating Aquamarine Rings and Jewelry {guest post}”

  1. Love the colour of this ring. I have been looking at crystals a lot recently. I am looking for lemurian crystal as I had a dream about it. My birth stone is Opal but I once heard that opals were bad luck, so I always avoided buying one.

    First time on your blog, love it 🙂

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