Castles, Guitars and Car Washes: Creating Fun for Kids With Cardboard
Garbage. You usually throw it away, but kids love to play with it. Gross? Sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Facial tissue boxes, cardboard boxes, and even toilet paper and paper towel tubes can all be transformed into cool toys for the kiddos. It’s not the same as an XBox or PlayStation game, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
A Story Book Castle
This one can be a lot of fun and, if you pull it off, you should get a youtube video converterlike YTDand encourage your friends to download and share it with as many people as possible. All you need is a medium-sized box, an x-acto knife, some ribbon, paint, brushes, and some confetti glue. Also make sure to respect IP.
Cut off the top flaps of the box so that it looks like a castle top. You’ve seen pictures before of castles, right? Just cut the top of the box so that you get the effect right. Cut windows and a drawbridge. Cut small slits at the top of the drawbridge on the wall and thread some ribbon through the slits and attach it to the drawbridge – bam! Functional drawbridge. Paint the outside and spread confetti glue around so it sparkles.
Dinosaur Feet
This is super-easy. Two tissue boxes and some sponges. You’ll also need scissors and some glue. Get some empty tissue boxes and try not to destroy them. Cut up some sponges (the kind you use for cleaning dishes) into small triangle (these will be the “talons” or “claws”) and glue them to the front of the box. Really, these are sort of like slippers with spongy claws. Cute and fun.
A Jet Pack
You’ll need a cereal box, toilet paper rolls, some duct tape, tissue paper, some tin foil, and some glue. You’ll also need some construction paper and a marker. Once you have all the supplies, cut a toilet paper roll into two pieces and wrap the duct tape around each piece of tubing. Attach thetubes to the bottom of the box and then duct tape the entire box to make it nice and secure. Now, wrap the secure and stable box with tin foil. Make some jetpack straps so your child can wear it (duct tape). Now, glue tissue paper to the bottom of the toilet paper tubes to simulate flames. Let your child get creative with the coloring and decoration.
A Cool Tunnel
This is super easy. Open up a cardboard box and get it nice and stable. Now, glue some streamers to the inside of the box or hang some laundry from the top of the box. Vwala! It’s a tunnel your children can crawl through. Admittedly, this one is for tiny tots, but it’s still fun. Just keep an eye on them so that the tunnel doesn’t “collapse” on them.
Ball Drop Maze
Remember that old game Labyrinth? You moved a marble through a wooden maze? Well, now your children can play a similar game – well, not quite as complicated but it’s still cool. You’ll need paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Cut them in half, lengthwise. You’ll also need a large cardboard box top that can be stood up on its end, lengthwise.
Glue down the tubes onto the lid of the cardboard box (on the inside of the lid). Arrange the tubes so that your child can drop a golf ball in the tube at the top of the “maze” and it’ll travel through the maze to the bottom. You’ll have to stagger the tubes at about a 20 or 30 degree angle. The golf ball will travel back and forth through the tubes until it gets to the bottom. The toilet paper tubes can act as little “bridges” that the ball travels through.
Steven Young is a father of five youngsters. When he has spare time, he enjoys writing about parenting.

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