So let’s say you’ve just purchased a home. You take the time to install the right furniture and put in the right decorations. You’re happy with what you see. And then suddenly, your interior designer asks you about what outdoor lights you’d like. Outdoor lights! What for?

Well, there are many reasons why one should consider putting up outdoor lights.
* They deter burglaries by keeping your home well lit, thereby, giving burglars less cover and a higher risk of getting caught
* They help you find your way around your home at night
* They light your front porch for when you get home and can’t find your keys
Other than those, evening activities are also better enjoyed with good outdoor lighting because you and your family won’t be limited to staying inside your house. They make bonding with friends on the backyard over cocktails and barbecue a wonderful experience. They make it possible to shoot some late night hoops with the kids.
Quite simply though, we put outdoor lights in our homes to make them beautiful. We work hard to make our homes lovely by putting in carefully thought out furniture, hiring a decorator, and landscaping our backyards. However, decorating can only do so much. When night falls, only outdoor lights can bring out all your hard work and make a difference between a nice home and a home that really makes people say, “Wow!”
To help you make a home that you can really be proud to call your own, below are six incredible outdoor lights that will show off your home beautifully.

Six Incredible Types of Outdoor Lights

Uplights. One type of outdoor lights that you should consider is the uplight. These are lights placed at ground level with the light directed upwards. They are positioned so as to highlight specific architectural features that you want seen. When you’ve decided on uplights, you can choose from spotlights, floor lights, or in-ground fixtures, depending on what look you are aiming for.
Downlights. Another type of outdoor lights is the downlight. Downlights are placed above an object with the light aiming downward. Downlights imitate the moon and give off a soft natural light, which is perfect for creating a romantic glow in your backyard.

Backlights. Backlights are another great type of outdoor lights. These lights are great for design purposes. They are normally placed behind unique or artistic pieces to create a striking silhouette. You can use backlights to highlight any feature that you want attention focused on, but make sure to conceal the light fixtures from view.

Wall Lights. The most common type of outdoor lights used in a majority of houses is the wall light. This is often utilized to illuminate architectural elements of a home. Wall lights are usually installed near doors and garages, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and warding off burglars from breaking into homes.

Pathlights. Pathlights are lights placed on the ground that direct people on where to go when it gets dark. They are usually placed along pathways, and can help prevent people from straying or tripping over pots or plants. They can also serve to illuminate those pots and plants that don’t get as much attention during the evenings.
Specialty Lights. Specialty lights are another form of outdoor lights that can make your homes more beautiful and safer than they already are. There are a wide variety of specialty lights that can create any specific mood or atmosphere that you are aiming for. String lights in a gazebo can set a romantic mood. Lights that look like torches or flames can create a dark and medieval atmosphere. You can find all sorts of specialty lights depending on what ambience you are aiming for.
Adding outdoor lights is like performing a big wax job on your first car. Your first car probably got to you all shiny and new, but you still went ahead and waxed it to make it even shinier. The same goes with adding outdoor lights to your home. They can accentuate plain homes, and make already beautiful homes stand out all the more. If you choose the right combination of lights, it can easily make your home the best looking one on the block!
Choose outdoor lights from reputable suppliers so that you can have lighting that stands the test of time. If you’re unsure of where to look, Sonneman lighting has some of the best and widest collection of outdoor lighting. 
Michele Duchet is an Interior designer at in NJ, USA and she works with schools and homeowners to help create a safe an elegant home decor, that feature lighting with a variety of lights and lamps.

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