Did you do anything crazy when you attended parties during your younger years? I bet you’re scared letting your children out of the house in case they try to follow in your footsteps. Maybe you should be even more worried about letting them attend parties because of the crazy things teenagers get up to these days.

Unless you are being fed information you might not know the kinds of things that are going on, so we’ll take a look at them today because it’s important you know. Not so you can ban your child from parties, but so you can tell them to stay away from all these dangerous party games.


This one has been around for a while and it’s been glamorized on the internet. When children get a little excited they decide to amuse themselves by lying horizontally in extremely dangerous places. They might decide to open the window and lie on the edge so only their stomach is stopping them from dropping to the ground. They might even climb onto the roof so they can balance on the chimney. While they’re doing this other children are laughing and taking pictures with their phones.

Vodka gummy bears

 If your child is at a party being chaperoned by an adult they will find it hard to drink alcohol without getting caught. Someone has come up with a great way to infuse vodka and other spirits into things like gummy bears. Eventually they will start feeling the effects of alcohol and none of the adults will be able to work out why. This is even more dangerous when you realize they don’t know how much alcohol is in each piece of candy they eat, so they might consume far too much alcohol before the buzz kicks in.

Alcohol tampon

 It’s quite scary to think children play this game, but they do and you need to warm them about the dangers involved. Instead of drinking vodka out of the bottle they will soak a tampon in vodka before inserting it into their private parts. The alcohol will get into the bloodstream much quicker and they can get alcohol poisoning without drinking anything. This sounds like the modern-day version of drinking vodka through your eyeball.

The fainting game

When someone faints it’s because their brain is starved of oxygen. Crazy kids don’t seem to appreciate how risky it is when they decide to play a game that requires them to faint on purpose. After someone has breathed out as much air as possible their ‘friends’ cover their mouth and nose. They then push hard against the victim’s chest until they pass out. The one doing the fainting drops to the floor and they wake up again after a few seconds, but that is only if they wake up.

Purple Drank

You can thank the internet for glamorizing yet another silly game and even celebrities have gotten in on the act. Everyone has to sit around a table drinking a concoction of Sprite, Jolly Ranchers, and Codeine cough syrup. The drink is very toxic and it can cause things like unresponsiveness and hallucinations. Your children would be safer drinking vodka shots which goes to show how dangerous this is, so you must talk them out of ever trying it.

 It could change in an instant

It only takes one accident and someone could lose their life. You could lose your child if they’re silly enough to try any of the things we’ve talked about today. I bet you didn’t even know most of them existed until now. If you do let your child out the house you must warn them of the dangers they might face when they’re with a bunch of rowdy teenagers.

The author of this post, Vikram Shenoy, is a freelance blogger who often writes for My Party Jumpers. He likes to write about lifestyle, home improvement, music and more. You can also follow him on twitter @ShenoyTrivikram

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