When in need of a new vacuum cleaner, people usually find it hard to justify purchasing models with high price tags, and if you are looking at canister vacuums, there aren’t many low priced models that are worth it. However, the holiday season always brings along a lot of discounts and great shopping offers, which makes even the most exquisite vacuum cleaner models affordable. And to be fair, the price tag shouldn’t be that much of an issue if you end up picking something that can take care of your home properly and is built to last. The good vacuums that come from big companies such as Dyson, Miele, Panasonic, Electrolux and Eureka are all built to last for many years. They have big standards to uphold and each model has to live up to the name of its creator, which leaves very little room for error. 

Another very important thing to keep in mind is the fact that canister vacuum models are very multi-functional. They are meant to take on a wide variety of household tasks and remove the need of extra tools as long as you don’t mind taking them out every single time. Their ability to deal with pretty much any situation comes from their huge assortment of attachments – while smaller vacs are built specifically to deal with certain things, canister models are meant to be the jack of all trades. This most certainly has its disadvantages as well – they are much heavier, take up more space and of course are more expensive than their smaller, more specialized counterparts.  
Because of their usually high price tag, with or without a discount, you want to make sure that you are getting the best canister vacuum for your home, so let’s forget about prices for now. However, finding the model that can best suit your needs requires a certain amount of understanding and research before you do the purchase, which brings us to the following three main points:

  1. Think very carefully about your home. Imagine going around in it with a somewhat difficult to carry around canister vacuum cleaner. What kind of flooring do you have? Carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, laminate, tiles? How big is your home? Do you have any indoor stairs? All these little details will come into play once you start reviewing the possible attachments of the models. Some come with certain ups and downs, and it is a very bad idea to purchase a model that can’t deal with stairs if you live in a big house for example. 
  2. The second most important thing of course are the people you live with. Keep in mind that some models make more noise than others, and it will not be a good idea to purchase them if you live with young kids or older people. The other factor that comes in to play is the number of attachments. Not all canisters offer on-board attachment storage and if multiple people use the same vacuum, they can easily lose track of where the others left the attachments. 
  3. Last, but by no means least come pets. And while it is true that most of the best canister vacuum cleaners on the market have access to pet hair attachments, not every single model comes with them. If you own pets, you have to make sure that you purchase a model that is both capable of dealing with pet hair and has multiple attachments that can help you clean up all the places your pets will go to.
Of course, the above points are merely guidelines, and there is a lot more to take into consideration, but they are a great start. If we were to go over the whole selection process it would take a lot longer than what we have to work with here in this article, so let’s keep it short and on-point. After going over the major deal breaking points and narrowing down the selection field, most people find themselves left with a lot of models to pick from and are still just as confused as when they began. However, from this point onwards there isn’t much work left to do. Simply make a list of the things that need cleaning in your home and check if the model has the proper attachments for that – maybe your furniture is low, or your home features a lot of weird corners, multiple staircases and so on. Make sure that your possible candidates match all of your requirements and then we can move to the final part. 
Finally, we come to the price tags. Just as we’ve already said, discount or no discount, canister vacuum cleaner prices are no joke. Some of the more advanced models can end up costing your more than a high-end PC for example. And it is entirely up to your needs and budget to decide if they are worth it. While it is important to keep in mind that a high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean quality, you can’t reasonably expect much suction power or reliability from a model with the price of a toaster. 
In closing I’d like to remind you that there is no universally best canister vacuum cleaner. Such a thing simply doesn’t exist, because there are too many variables to take into account and homes along with their owners have different needs. However, finding a product that can perfectly suit your needs is very much doable and should not be looked at as an impossible task. 


Fehu Othala is the lead writer for the http://vacuumconsult.com/website. She specializes in vacuum cleaner reviews, covering the best vacuum cleaners that are currently available on the market. VacuumConsult brings unbiased reviews to their readers, showing the bad sides of the models along with the good ones.  

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