Ok, you may think I’m mad thinking about Christmas 2014 when the last Christmas was only 2 weeks ago. But I’ve not gone crackers. In fact now is the best time to be thinking about it.

The first thing I do is pick my colour theme for next year then I hit the shops just after Christmas and buy all my decorations half price or less. You will notice the shops start slashing their dec prices just before Christmas, but there is even more money to be saved from boxing day onwards, just less choice. Christmas sales, you gotta love them. I also stock upon cards and wrapping paper. And why not? I’ll be paying less than half the price if I buy them now. Saving me money and also one less thing to worry about in the run up to Christmas 2014.

The Christmas and January sales are also a great time to pick up a few bargains, so keep your eyes open for prezzies. But if you’re like me, money can be really tight the first few weeks after the big day. So I normally only buy the decs, wrap and cards. I will buy the odd toy to put away if I can afford it. But what I always do is save £10 a week and I put this into my special Christmas purse to save. And when I see toys or gifts on offer throughout the year, I buy them and then put them away in my gift closet. I say gift closet, but really it’s just a big box at the bottom of my wardrobe. I also use this to give birthday presents too.

So by the time October comes around, most of my Christmas is already sorted. I just have to get a few things that the kids have asked santa for then I’m done. Between October and Christmas I buy a few extra food items with my weekly shop. So I don’t have to do a massive big shop a few days before Christmas when the shops are packed full of people fighting over the last jar of cranberry sauce. Just make sure that the things you buy will still be in date for when you want to eat them.

Then it’s time to wrap everything up. I do this when the kids are at school or in bed, I grab a nice glass of wine and stick some Christmas songs on and get to work. Then I can relax and enjoy the run up to Christmas with my kids, playing, watching xmas films and making Christmas crafts, knowing that everything is all sorted.

Do you prepare for Christmas well in advance? Or are you running around like an headless chicken on Christmas Eve?

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5 comments on “Saving for NEXT Years Christmas”

  1. Wow you are SO organized! I’m very impressed! I do not think this far ahead, but I do start getting organized for Christmas around Thanksgiving (end of November) instead of waiting until the last minute! Even with that, I was still wrapping presents on the 23rd and 24th! Oh well, a little better every year, right? I read one blog that said to save $10/month or something each money towards Christmas so you aren’t spending a ton all in December. I think I’ll try that idea out this year! Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Block Party!!

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