2014 is  here, and it’s going to bring new resolutions as well as new responsibilities, such as keeping family finances under the radar. Though it is never evident, a well-managed budget is the secret of a smooth running home.
 After the expenditures on Christmas celebrations and gifts, it is crucial that you plan out the family finances for the year ahead. This is because a well-budgeted household lets you afford all of life’s necessities without any hassle; the expenditures are well balanced and paying for everything becomes easy.
Never wait for tough times to start supervising the finances; start early and make 2014 a great year for the whole family. With a little effort, you will not have to say no to your little tot the next time he/she asks for something new.
Here is how you can save while keeping the entertainment and leisure of the whole family in place:
Save on Travel

You can easily save on traveling if you follow a few guidelines: the foremost rule for saving on travel is to avoid peak holidays. Do not travel when everyone else is also traveling for their vacation e.g. on spring break, or on winter break because hotel prices, air tickets and even the local food prices are at peak capacities.
If you consider it a necessity to do so, you will be spending more on air tickets and accommodation. In this case, try sneaking out on a vacation with the whole family during a long weekend (you can take a few days off from work). And while you travel, save on expenses like food by taking homemade snacks from home. Also, keep in touch with travel agencies that will help you save money on your tickets.
Save on Entertainment
Kids seem to get bored with any form of entertainment really fast. Whether it is a new game on the internet or a series of their favorite cartoon, you will have to get a new one every now and then.
The smart way is to get a home entertainment bundle installed that will help you keep the kids busy. AT&T and Verizon offer promos for their U-Verse and FiOS bundles, so no one will blame you for taking advantage of these FiOS promotional deals. Apart from home entertainment, you can also limit your visits to the cinema to once in a month. Try keeping your kids busy in other activities like arts and crafts and outdoor sport.
Save Up on Clothing
This is the time of the year to get shopping. New Years and fall sales are the shopping haven for most of us, so try to shop as much as you can during these days to save money on clothes and shoes. The good thing is that even spring summer clothes for kids and adults are on clearance during the last quarter.
Additionally, you can subscribe to your favorite retail and sale websites to get notified for deals and discounts. Limiting your shopping instinct can help control your budget to a great extent.
A New Year is always a fresh start for everyone, so this is the best time of the year to include finance management in the New Year’s resolution list.

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