How to Bundle Up Your Kids for Cold Weather {guest post}

How to Bundle Up Your Kids for Cold Weather {guest post}
There is no worse feeling in the world than having to see your kids shivering in the cold because they are under-dressed. But the difference between a warm, dry, happy child and a cold, wet, miserable one will make you want to think twice before you let them outside. Too many moms make the mistake of piling on as many thick sweaters on their child, making “warm” look deceiving. The trick to properly dressing your child for the winter weather is knowing what the conditions are, and finding the proper attire to protect your child against that weather.
If you are unsure about the severity of the weather and how to dress your kids for it, the best thing you can do is put them in layers. This gives you flexibility to add or remove layers, depending on the weather and your activity. When layering, you want to keep a few things in mind:
* Make sure the outer layer is protective enough. Look for outer layer clothing like The North Face Summit Series, that will not only keep your kids warm, but also provide protection from wet and windy conditions. This layer should be able to keep moisture from seeping into your children’s clothes, but also allow inner moisture to evaporate.
* Your base layer should have “wicking” power that will wick moisture away from your skin and pass it through the fabric so it will evaporate. Staying dry is the key to staying warm and comfortable, because after all, you still sweat in the winter time.
* The middle layer will be where most of the insulation is, whether it’s t-shirts or sweaters, that is up to you to decide. The middle layers help to keep heat in and cold out. The best materials to layer with are fleece and wool.
* Socks are an important factor in keeping your child warm. If any water or moisture gets trapped in their shoes, it could make for a long and miserable day (for both of you). Find socks that can wick away moisture and keep their feet dry.
In addition to layers, you want to make sure your child is equipped with the proper accessories. Most importantly, make sure their head is covered. Up to 60 percent of your body’s heat can escape from an uncovered head, so a hat alone can add a lot of warmth (but take this into account when you are planning layers). If not a hat, earmuffs or headbands are also smart ways to trap heat and keep them warm. Try finding hats and headbands made of wool or another warm synthetic material so that it also protects them from harsh weather.
Some other accessories include sunglasses and gloves. Sunglasses are more important and functional than you might think. The right pair will have UV protection that helps protect your child’s eyes. In addition to that, sunlight reflects very brightly off of snow and other reflective surfaces, causing more damage. Gloves should be waterproof and protective against moisture. Your child’s fingers will lose circulation quickly if they are not protected properly. Make sure that they have insulation and warmth as well. Dressing your kid warmly and properly will pay off for you and them and make for an enjoyable winter.
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  1. I’m still layering my daughter up now and it’s april! She is always complaining about being cold!