What goes through your mind every time you walk into your bedroom? I hope you feel blessed to sleep there, but the majority of us don’t have a very stylish room. We have things lying around everywhere and some of the stuff we’ve picked up along the way looks cheap and tacky. It doesn’t take much to turn your room around and today we’re going to look at some things you should change if you want your bedroom to look stylish. Because most of us don’t have much money to spare none of the suggestions will cost an arm and a leg.

Lay down vinyl floor

 You’ve got to be sick and tired of your carpets because they’re so annoying. Once you spill something on a new carpet it never looks the same. Over the years it gets old and it brings the rest of your room down. You can change all that by laying vinyl flooring because it looks great and you can buy some that mimics hardwood or marble floors. The reason I mention vinyl flooring is because it’s a lot cheaper than the alternatives even though it still has most of the benefits.

 Replace your photo frames

People don’t normally pay much attention to the photo frames they buy when they want to display a beautiful photo. It’s pretty crazy considering you wouldn’t throw any old photo on the wall. The frames are usually gold-colored which makes them look tasteless. You should go out and buy more attractive ones, which shouldn’t cost too much money anyway. If you want a color that looks stylish in your bedroom you should opt for silver.

 Go wild with flowers

 If you visit your local botanical garden you’ll notice something very strange happens. As you’re walking around you’ll feel completely relaxed and at peace with the world. Everyone feels this way because lovely flowers send us into a trance when we look at them as they take our breathe away for a split-second. If you want the same reaction on a regular basis you should go wild with flowers in your bedroom and as long as you remember to water them they’ll look great.

 Use more white

 Why do you always see tons of white space inside mansions on the TV? It’s also one of the main reasons why hotel rooms and rented apartments use white too. A lot of white makes any room look stylish and it will appeal to a large percentage of the population. Did you think people were trying their hardest to be as boring as possible? If your room has a lot of white you can also add few subtle colors which will make the room even sexier.

Hidden storage space

Your room will never be stylish if there are always lots of things lying around. Even if you lay things out neatly your room will never look great because less is always more. The only way you’ll be able to hide your treasure is by getting creative with storage space. You might have to throw out some of the junk you no longer use. The two main areas you can keep things will be underneath your bed and somewhere inside your closet, but don’t waste any space if you want your room to look tidy.

 The future is bright

Once you transform the look of your bedroom you’ll feel amazing whenever you walk inside. You’ll be proud to sleep there and you’ll learn to treasure it. The ideas we’ve talked about today will give you something to work on right now and I bet you’ll love the end result once you’ve tested a few of them out.

The author of this post, Vikram Shenoy, is a freelance blogger who often writes for Pine Discount. He likes to write about lifestyle, home improvement, fashion, music and more. You can also follow him on twitter @ShenoyTrivikram

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3 comments on “How To Add Style to Your Bedroom in 5 Simple Steps {guest post}”

  1. Thinking of redoing my bedroom when I’m back off my holidays
    Great ideas here -love my bedroom to feel nice -helps me feel relaxed

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