Moms have several responsibilities like looking after their homes and family and most importantly, their kids. Working moms have the added pressure to keep up with gruelling work schedules while still trying to spend quality time with their children. In an effort to keep pace with the deadlines and other million things that you, as a mom, need to look after, you may feel worn out and therefore, spending hours before the mirror using heating equipments and expensive serums and mousses for your hair may be the least of your worries.

However, you can consider in investing in a wide range of salon supplies that help you get gorgeous hairstyles without having to spend countless hours. If you are a working mom and wish put together a fabulously attractive hairstyle without putting in much effort, you must consider reading on to try out a new hairstyle every once in awhile and feel good about yourself.

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1.) The Sock Bun:
You may have seen a plethora of celebrities putting on the perfect bun without a stray hair out of place. This may seem undoable; however, you too can achieve this perfect celebrity-like bun within 3 minutes. All you need is a sock that has been cut off near the toe region so that it resembles a tube. Roll one end of the sock all the way to the other end so that it resembles a doughnut. It should look roughly like a humongous elastic band. Tie your hair into a ponytail using an elastic band. Take your rolled sock and place it in your hair in a way that all your hair passes through the hole of the rolled sock. Pull your sock to the tip of your ponytail and keep rolling it with your hair so that you reach the elastic band. Use another elastic band and some bobby pins to secure it in place. You can also use a wide range of salon supplies to hold it in place and add more texture to your ponytail if you have thin hair.
2.) The banded Ponytail:
You may not realize it but getting ready for work will get a million times easier with this hairstyle that takes only seconds to put together. All you need is a handful of elastic bands and a good quality hair serum and you are good to go. Tie your hair into a ponytail. Use elastic bands to tie the length of your hair at definite intervals. Loosen the sections between two elastic bands and what you have is a stylish and fuss-free hairstyle that is perfect for long to very long hair.
3.) A stylised low ponytail:
A simple ponytail may seem like a very stodgy thing to do every morning for work. Sometimes, being a mom can be exhausting and therefore, you may need a refreshing change even in the hairstyle department. Therefore, this classic low ponytail hanging loosely at the side can be given a refreshing new twist that will make you want to style your hair more often. For this, all you need to do is pull up the hair in the crown region and tease it slightly. Once you have done that divide the hair into 3 definite sections; two on the sides and one for the back.
The side sections should be done near the ear region. Pull out your back hair section and secure it into a ponytail on any one side keeping it below the ear. Use the side sections to bring them to your ponytail and tuck them in using bobby pins to make sure the hair no stray hair strand comes out. This is an extremely clean and easy-to-do hairdo.
Author’s bio:
Victoria H is a senior fashion buyer for some of the UK’s largest brands, and works for Cool Blades who offer wide range of salon supplies.


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