The transition from fall to winter can sometimes be very jarring. The harsh temperature change and exposure to the elements can seem inevitable, but the drying and destructive power winter doesn’t have to stress out our bodies. Instead, let’s be proactive instead of reactive in caring for our skin and hair this season, shall we?
7 Tips for Healthy Skin & Hair this Winter {guest post}
1. Skip the stress – The combination of a barrage of holiday celebrations, overeating, the derailing of our normal routine, and the possible emotional stress this time of year brings can contribute to breakouts.
“Stress in general can do something to the body where it can make any skin problem a little bit worse,” Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, dermatologist at the North Shore-LIJ Health System in Greenvale, N.Y. told Live Science. “It’s not the reason you break out per se, but it’s one of the factors.”
2. Slap on the mittens – Or gloves if mittens are not your cup of tea. The point is, protecting your hands before the moisture is depleted and your skin becomes cracked and irritated is key. If you tend to forget your gloves, buy multiple pairs and stow them in pockets, by your front door, in your purse, and in the car. Anywhere your hands might need a little protection.
3. Give your skin and the air around you a drink – We all know water is a crucial element to help our bodies function and keep our skin supple. But there are other ways to hydrate without chugging another glass of H2O. Introducing controlled moisture into the air during winter months is a fantastic way to replenish your hair and skin amid the drying effects of HVAC systems. Humidifiers that regulate the humidity to the specific needs of your home keep the production of mold at bay, leaving only clean vapor to give your body the hydrating boost it desperately needs in the winter.
4. Get a snood – What? Historically, a snood is a tube shaped type of hood or hairnet worn by women in the 1800’s. Now, stay with me here. Many people do not care for the crushing and frizzing effect that regular winter hats have on their hair, so many simply go without. Etsy has a wide variety of artisans who crochet snoods and hooded cowls to fashionably protect your mane.
5. Don’t get chapped – Sometimes it’s impossible to cover your whole face in the winter, so your lips are bound to get abused more than any party of your body in winter. Let’s talk shielding your lips with the power of lip balm. Mayo Clinic dermatologist, Lawrence E. Gibson suggests you avoid flavored variety which will give you the urge to lick your lips. “Saliva evaporates quickly, leaving lips drier than before you licked them.”
6. Have a hydrating party – Use a hydrating masque for your skin and hair once a week to soothe excessive dryness. Look for products that are fragrance free as your body is already in a sensitive state and could react adversely to perfumes or other ingredients added.
7. Resist the urge to heat style your hair – Your poor follicles! Not only are they exposed to the elements, but after you strip them of moisture in a hot shower and blow dry for 20 minutes, you turn a hot iron on them. No wonder our manes tend to be frizzy in the winter! Prevent further breakage and damage by giving your strands a break. Apply a leave-in treatment and twist your hair into bun before bed a few times a week to give your locks a rest. If you have short hair, comb and set into place with a towel.
Hopefully these tips will help replenish and protect your hair and skin this season. But, don’t be too hard on yourself! An extra smile or two a day can always make your skin look better…
Elizabeth Rago is a freelance writer specializing in health, wellness, and women’s lifestyle content, working with yoga studios, chiropractors, mental health, and wellness practitioners. Elizabeth writes the weekly column, The Circular Home for Chicago Shopping (an editorial partner of the Chicago Tribune) and is Senior Editor of All Things Girl, highlighting topics related to the modern domestic woman. She has been published in Mamalode Magazine, and Connect with Elizabeth on Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Google+

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