I think the best answer is that we should always give personalized gifts! I mean, think about it. No matter what the occasion, if you put plenty of care into choosing a gift, then the gift receiver will feel that tender-loving care. Let’s take a look at some great ideas for any occasion.

I love birthdays. Why? Because one special person gets all the attention on their birthday! It’s a great opportunity to tell that special person, “Hey. You are really important to me!” Personalized photo frames are a great birthday gift option. You can come up with lots of ideas for these frames. For instance, you could have printed or engraved on the frame something like:
* The birthday girl or boy’s name
* Their age (great for toddlers!)
* The words “You and Me” or “Best Friends” for that special picture of the two of you
* “World’s Greatest”… dad, mom, son, daughter, etc…
First of all, this is virtually a no-brainer. Christmas time is all about celebrating new life and hope. It’s about giving. It’s about someone that has a unique place in your life. But it is also very, very busy. The great thing here is that you can satisfy many persons on your gift list by giving them the same, but not really the same, gift. For example, at the office, you can give personalized coffee mugs to all your friends. This way you don’t have to stress yourself out over what to give each person. Also, this way, no one gets jealous. 
The most frequently returned Christmas gifts are clothes, so don’t go this route. This is because the variables of size, color and style are very hard to pin down.
Other Occasions
The personalized touch is so obvious for other occasions. It really makes you wonder why people don’t personalize more often. For example, let’s take a wedding anniversary. Again, a really nice picture frame with “Happy 50th Anniversary” will definitely find a place on the wall or fireplace mantle. Or maybe you could give a calendar with memorable photos of the happy couple over the years.
The same principle applies for weddings, graduations, religious ceremonies… any event that is unique deserves a unique gift that commemorates the moment.
Other Ideas
 Remember, there are lots of ways to personalize your gifts. One great idea is “favor coupons”. For example, a nice homemade coupon could read:
* Good for one 30 minute back-rub
* The holder of this coupon is entitled to one night of baby sitting
* Good for one free foot massage
* Good for one dinner out on the town with (place name here)
Make it fun! You can create an envelope and decorate it with lots of colors and make a big deal out of the presentation. They deserve it! 
Another great personal touch is to tap into custom made products. These can range anywhere from the cheap to the extravagant. They key is to really think about what your special someone in all about. Then the gift ideas will appear to you in no time.
In many ways gift giving is an art. Don’t just give another impersonal widget. Give something that is made especially for your loved one. If you take your time, and put in effort, the heart will shine through.
Sheppard Broom is a great fan of crafts, and she always gives unique gifts. Sheppard is passionate about the Holidays.

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