Cold Weather Activities for Kids {guest post}

When the leaves start falling along with the temperatures, it is time to rethink how you entertain your children. While you could just put them in front of the television from October to April, there are other things that you can do to keep them entertained. The key is to think outside of the box and find things that your kids will enjoy doing and that will keep their interest. What are some ideas for the winter doldrums?
Crafts. Give them a selection of craft supplies and let them go at it. It is amazing what can happen when you let them flex their imagination muscles. From making ramps for cars to making furniture for dolls to making pictures, they are only limited by their imagination. Include magazines in the supplies and let them make collages based on what you draw. If all else fails, do a search on the Internet for ideas from websites like Net Mums. You will be amazed at what your children will create.
Music. A selection of musical instruments can be fun for a wide range of children. Turn on some music and let them play along or dance with the music. This can be a great way to release some energy and have fun with your kids. Another idea is to start them playing an instrument. A recorder can be inexpensively bought from a company like West Music, and it is a great instrument to learn basic musical notes on. It could be the start of a life of music.
Camp out. While most people think of camping as an outside activity, stringing some sheets across chairs, the table, or other furniture can make your living or family room into a campsite as well. Eat lunch in it, play games, or read with your kids to make it even more fun. You can even continue the fun by having a sleepover in your indoor tent. While you may feel it in your back the next morning, the kids will find it exciting and it will keep their interest for hours.
Think educationally. While your kids may not want to sit down and do traditional school, there are so many ways for them to learn via activities. Do science experiments, play math games with playing cards, and do topic-based learning, such as learning about a particular animal, person, or event. The key is to let them experience it, whether they get to use the computer to do research, play games to learn sight words or math facts, or do science projects or experiments. The Internet is full of ideas that make learning fun.
Read a book out loud or help them to write a story. Reading is an important activity to do anytime, but nothing is much better than curling up under a blanket reading a book on a snowy evening. Let them choose the books and then read to them or let them read to you. Another way to do this is to let your child write a story or tell you the story and you write it, depending upon their age, and then illustrate it. It is a great activity no matter what ages that your children are.
Winter doesn’t have to mean the end to fun. By using your own imagination and letting your kids use theirs, you can come up with activities that can be fun and, in some cases, educational. Whether you come up with a detailed plan or you just let things unfold, you will find that winter can bring just as much fun as summer.

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