Are Cell Phones Safe
Sadly there is still not a definitive answer to this question, but at least the serious and somewhat baffling indifference of the FCC when it comes to this question is at least being addressed. Namely it took nine months for the notice regarding the way that FCC is handling the matter, or to be more precise, regarding the fact that standards and practices pertaining to the research of the possible harm caused by cell phone use, to be officially accepted. Since FCC didn’t change those standards since 1996, it really seems that it was high time for this kind of action.
Since call phones became widespread, there have been concerns about their safety. The primary issue was the fact that that we already knew that ionizing radiation can cause disturbances in DNA, which can, in time, result in the development of tumors. However, cell phones are thought to operate on lower frequencies than those that would be required to create that type of radiation. While some believe that this means that cell phones are safe, other still claim that the radiation that they do produce is simply something that we don’t know enough about.
This is not to say that there hasn’t been research into the matter. Some 600 serious studies have already been performed till 2009, with numerous other after, but the results always seem ambiguous. Even though there were some studies with huge scopes and number of individual cases that were observed, the date obtained in those studies was interpreted differently by different teams of scientists. 
There are a couple of issues that are preventing us from getting a definitive answer. 
The first one is that, even though they have been around for a while, cell phones are still simply too recent an invention for us to have been able to get an adequate sample. This is mostly due to the fact that the tumors that they may be causing take quite a long time to develop, so there are still not enough people who have been using them for long enough to show some clear signs of their harmfulness. Additionally, most of the research had to be based on the testimonies given by the users. These testimonies, naturally, cannot be too accurate, which is why wireless companies have to do their part and provide the necessary data on the usage of individual devices.
While there are strong supporters of both theories about the harm that can be caused by the prolonged cell phone use, neither of the fractions seems to be winning. While some researchers were so concerned with the results of some studies that they began warning their staff, friends and family about the use of cell phones (most notably director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Ronald B. Herberman in 2008) even they admit that they are only being cautious and by no means have access to some data that the world has not seen. All things said, when you can use your speakerphone or hands free to conduct your calls, it may be prudent to do so.
Article by Samuel Evans blogger and writer for Mobile Shop. Samuel currently exploring everything related to mobile phones and gadgets.

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