I was contacted by Iconwallstickers.co.uk and asked if I would like to receive one of their items to review. I jumped at the chance as I have never had a vinyl wall sticker but always wanted one and best of all I was allowed to choose whatever design I wanted. I decorated my living at the beginning of this year and on the back wall it looked a bit bare, so I thought that would be the perfect place for the wall sticker. 
There were 100’s of different designs to choose from, it took me ages to settle on one. I choose I tree with birds flying over the top of it. Then I had to choose what size I wanted, I went for large one. Then I had another decision to make. What colour would I like it in? It took me another half an hour just to choose the colour, I was thinking a dark brown to match my living room colour scheme or a dark grey. My husband liked the black one best. He said you can’t go wrong with black,so we went for that. and with a few clicks my order was placed. 
It didn’t take long too long for the parcel to arrive. It came in a long tube with an instruction sheet.

I waited till the kids where out of the way before I got putting it up. I was going to do it by myself, but I am so glad my husband was there to give me a hand as there was no way I would have managed by myself because of the size of it.
First we choose the exact place we wanted it on the wall . and stuck it down with tape.
Next we got to transferring it to the wall, which was a bit tricky as I had to keep checking the instructions to make sure I was doing it right. I couldn’t manage to take any photos of us doing this as you can imagine. We did the top half first then the bottom half afterwards. As we pulled the backing sheet away from the top half one of the birds came off with it. I tried to put it back on but couldn’t work out which way up it went, so I just removed it. The bottom half was more trickier as I couldn’t get all the air bubbles out. No matter what I did, there was two parts where the air bubbles just wouldn’t shift and I made a crease in the tree. 

But when all the backing was off and the vinyl was on my wall, I stood back and took a look at it and I fell in love with it!! It looks so beautiful and really sets my living room off. I am so glad I had the chance to review this and I will definitely be buying more vinyl wall stickers from iconwallstickers.co.uk
I plan on decorating my kitchen and also my bedroom after Christmas and I have been looking through their website at which ones I would like to get. 
I like this one for my kitchen but in either black or red
Keep Calm And Drink Tea Wall Art Quote Decals
and either of these for my bedroom 
Dream Imagine & Believe Quote Wall Stickers Wall Art DecalBig BUtterfly of Lots of Small Butterflies Wall Art Decals Wall Sticker

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