Let’s not pretend everyone doesn’t love to be fed! The best thing about a foodie gift is that you know (if you make a good choice) it won’t go to waste. This is an especially good gift for a woman who likes the simple things, and it can make the week run along much smoother with a pile of healthy food from a hamper great for brown bagging. You can go for the ever-appreciated chocolate box, or if you know her tastes a preservative hamper of cheese, jams and chutney or other great hampers will be very welcomed. Hey, they may even share!

One of the classic but still much appreciated gifts, flowers are excellent for any occasion and brighten up anyone’s day. Try to get some information on her favourite flowers or colours and order them for her incognito. For an extra surprise why not enlist a flower delivery service to help you? This is great if you’re busy during the day and the look on their face when they see you later will make it all worthwhile.


This is one for a very close friend or relative. If you know what she loves, why not get her those Hairspray tickets she wanted? A trip to the theatre or a music performance would be loved by anyone, but getting them as a gift takes a lot of the stress out of booking them, and combined with the company of a great friend will make a special night.
Body Care

Another welcome classic gift is body lotion. Many of our lady friends hoard the stuff and they’re always looking for new scents and special features. If she’s ran out of her favourite look for box sets of moisturiser, body scrub and shower gel to keep up her stocks. If you’re taking a risk to get something new stick with general scents unless you know what she loves. Coconut, chocolate and vanilla are some of the safer options. If you’re willing to splash out and pamper her a spa day ticket or book a hair/nail/make-up make-over if you know she’s thinking of doing something new with her look.

One of the most popular, but no less wonderful, gifts for her is jewellery. Choose the right piece and she’s going to be wearing it for years to come. It’s definitely a good investment for her. Go for the metal she usually wears and go for quality (both because she’s worth it, and to avoid allergy problems…). If you know what she likes (cat pendants, pearls or dangly earrings) stick in this range. If you’re not so sure keep the cut simple and find something with a stone in her favourite colour. If you can, find a piece of jewellery that’s really unique, so it’s obvious you put thought into it. I find that Henryka Amber Silver Jewellery is great for gifts because of its rich colours and unique designs that you don’t see elsewhere.
Feed Her Obsessions
Maybe it’s just my friends, but one of the most cherished gifts I’ve given is something related to their favourite film, TV show or hobby. A friend who loves Darren Shan is going to fall over themselves if you get them a signed copy. If you know a friend’s tight on money but is loving a certain TV series, why not get them a box set or part of one to start off their collection? Of course this type of gift is easier for someone close to you, but if you know an acquaintance who loves vintage style and drawing something simple like a sketching pad of parchment or with a ink pressed design will go a long way. It’s not the money, but the thought you put in which makes a gift great.

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