Fotor – A Great Photo Editing Site {review}

I have recently had the chance to review a photo editing website called This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this site, but I am glad I have been introduced to it as it’s great. I normally use picmonkey to edit my photos, but quite a lot of the photo enhancing features you have to pay for, but with Fotor it’s all free!!

They have all the basics like crop, resize, rotate, tone and curves. They also have other features such as effects, frames, clipart and text. You can not only upload your photos from your computer but also from facebook, picasa, flickr, a webcam or the web. I uploaded mine from my computer and had a quick go at editing a photo

Once finished editing your photo you can save to your computer or directly share on facebook, twitter, picasa, flickr or tumblr.
They also have an HDR feature. This is when you take 3 identical photos but at different exposures, then combine them together to create really stunning photos. I had a go at this. I didn’t have time to take a great landscape photo, so instead I used some fruit from my fruit bowl. 
The two last photos look pretty much the same, but I thought I’d still give it a try. and here’s what they look like 
and here’s what they look like when I add the ghost effect
Mine don’t look that good, but you can go and view the sample photos which are amazing. I’m sure you could all make a better photo than my fruit

And I have saved the best for last. They also do photo Cards!! These are so great and they have lot’s of templates to choose from. All  you do is add your photo and then add text & clip art if you want. My little princess Caitlin will be 4 on the 25th of this month, so I thought I would make a card for just for her.

The editing can be a little slow at times online, but that’s why they also have a photo editing & collage software for windows  which you can download to your desktop.

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