Christmas is a holiday celebrated annually in commemoration of the birth of Christ. This special holiday is celebrated each 25th December. Though it is mainly a Christian holiday, it is gaining popularity among non-Christians. Most people have family reunions on this day hence bringing a sense of togetherness in the family. Each Christmas spent is a cherished memory. Of importance though is the decorations witnessed on this day. Families plan in advance decorations to be laid out on the D-day. The decorations bring out the importance of this holiday and contribute immensely in adding the required aesthetic value to Christmas. Here is a look then at some of the best Christmas decorations ideas for home environment:
1. Christmas candles
Candles lit in various fashions help to bring out the dramatic warm holiday light display. Clean old wine bottles may be used as the support of the candles. The empty wine bottles appearance may be enhanced by wrapping silvery, lush green (or any other choice of color) ribbons. This rather inexpensive technique produces some dramatic results especially when the candles are melting away. This arrangement can readily be placed on dinner tables to add pomp to the occasion at hand.
2. The Bow technique

This technique involve wrapping of bows around dining room chairs. The color of the bow is chosen to integrate with the theme of the day. However one has to be sure that the bow is tied securely to avoid embarrassment from falling of bows. To add extra splendor to the decorated items, Christmas ornaments may be tied alongside the bows. This ensures that the Christmas mood is spread out on each item and ensures that the Christmas spirit is appreciated by all the family members.
3. Brighten the home with Flowers

The mood of a particular event can be deduced easily by the flowers used in the event. Beautiful fresh flowers are more of a need than a want in any splendid event. So many beautiful flowers can be readily ordered. However the way one integrates the distinct colors and flower types bring out uniqueness and creativity. Flower vases should be cleaned and filled with fresh flowers matching the theme of the day. Twigs may be added to bring out the realness and enhance beauty. Alternatively clean wine bottles may be used to hold flowers and placed strategically around the home. The wine bottles may be filled with cranberries which bring out a cherry splash of red Christmas to the home.
4. Lights, camera, action!
No Christmas party can be complete without the unique digital lighting displays especially in this technologically advanced world. Different places around the home may be lit with distinct color lights and patterns. Luminaires made at home may be used as a cheap option to light up the interior of the house. The staircase may be lit up to show existence of a path. Lights bring out the same effects as the candles. However use of lights provides for flexibility. In the case where digital chasers are used, patterns may be formed to for instance read out a word when on.
5. Christmas cards

Christmas cards may be placed in a long ribbon and the two ends of the ribbon tied to specific places in a beautiful manner. Places to consider most include the stairway, around the wall in the living room or around the dining hall. This turns them into an art and improves the aesthetic value of the room. Bows may be tied on some of the cards to enhance beauty.
6. The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the universal symbol of Christmas. Traditionally, most people preferred to use live Christmas trees as opposed to the artificial ones. However natural evergreen tree is the best option. The scent it produces brings out the smell of nature to the living room. The tree may be enhanced by Christmas lights and berries. Alternatively a tree may be creatively and cleverly created from Christmas lights and mounted on the wall by nails. Another creative technique is to use dried branches from the home’s garden and in turn spray them with gold or silver paint.
Some memories should always be cherished. These guidelines on Christmas decorations ideas for home will ensure that each Christmas holiday is forever cherished.
Author bio: Martin Zdravkovski web editor at The Christmas magazine – an essential read for anyone who wants to make their Christmas a memorable occasion.

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