Hi! I’m Audrey from HGK and this is my very first guest post, right here on Serenity You, so I’m thrilled (and a little nervous) to be here. Thank you Natasha!

Have you heard of DaWanda? If not, you should really go and take a look. It’s an international marketplace for handmade items and supplies. A bit like the european version of Etsy, only DaWanda has several platforms in different languages, making it accessible to a lot more people.

This week marks the first anniversary of my DaWanda shop The Bead Cabinet. I sell not only beads but also a varieaty of crafting materials, like trims, ribbon, washi tape and much more. Here are some examples:

The Bead Cabinet

To celebrate my shop’s birthday (and my first guest post too!) I’m giving away little surprises. So if you place an order before the end of this month and mention in the comment section of your order that you came from Serenity You, you will receive a little gift with your purchase.

(Pssst: I also have a handmade shop on DaWanda: HGK-handmade. I would love it if you would take the time to have a look around there too!)

Thanks for reading this and thanks again Natasha for having me here 🙂

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