A Basket Case

I’d needed to change my laundry baskets for a while, but it was one of those things I kept avoiding. After all, it was easy enough thing to ignore. With a towel draped over them to hide their true decrepitude, I could carry on avoiding the issue: but when the bottom literally fell out of one of them, I knew I had to make a decision soon.
For at least the last year, almost certainly longer, the laundry baskets had been in a sorry state. Made from the traditional rattan, the one in the bathroom leaned like a stooping body, badly mauled by the cat. The other lurked shabbily in the corner of the bedroom: both were shredding bits over the floor. It was definitely time for them to go.

A Dirty Dilemma

One of the problems that deterred me from replacing these relics earlier was the fact that I couldn’t find anything inspirational or different enough to encourage me to make an exchange.
True, a laundry basket is only a receptacle for dirty clothes at the end of the day; but for something that’s used so regularly and is often a prominent feature of a bathroom or bedroom, there seemed very little choice out there.
I’d been catching sight of the old-fashioned rattan baskets in homeware stores but was vaguely aware that I was seeking something a little different: something more fun, funky and fashionable to toss my clothes into, but without it going the same sorry way as previous purchases.

A Clean Break!

I discovered the website www.east2eden.co.uk while browsing and I was impressed with the breadth of the range they had on offer for both storage in general and laundry baskets in particular: the rattan style laundry baskets are certainly there, but now cleverly manufactured in a durable plastic which minimises the risk of breaking, bending, bowing or shredding annoying little bits.
For the traditionalist, there are wicker baskets too: not just the retro oval types for transporting clothes tidily to and from the washing machine but also smart, rectangular storage ones with a generous capacity which would slot into the corner of any bedroom.
Another interesting choice would be the rectangular bamboo slat high-capacity basket. It not only looks good, but for those who are ever lucky enough to have an empty basket, it conveniently folds flat when not in use.

Washed and Dried!

From the large selection available, but without much deliberation, I finally found the funky baskets I’d been searching for: round canvas ones with bold stripes. I chose pale pink from a selection which also included blue, brown, green or red. I plumped for large ones to fill the family’s load, but they are also available in a medium or small size, so would suit any size of household. They can also be used for toy storage.

I really like my new baskets; they certainly brighten up the space and they add a colourful boost to the chore of sorting dirty washing. The price was inexpensive too, at £12.99 and with a reasonable charge for postage; it was in the end a straightforward solution.
Hopefully these new acquisitions should last for a while, but I’ll definitely go to www.east2eden.co.uk  again next time I want a basket case solving!

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