I was recently contact by Tmart and asked if I would like to review some of their products. I jumped at the chance and was asked to select what I would like,which I thought was lovely.
I went for a Chinese Checkers Game, Lucky Star Pillow and a Robo Fish. Unfortunately the Robo Fish was out of stock, so I was just sent the other 2 items
This is a photo of the package when it arrived. I wan’t impressed at all! At first I thought it was something I ordered off ebay until I saw the Chinese stickers on it. It was just a brown bag that was all crumbled and also had a small hole in one corner
The first item I took out was the Star Cushion
I was quite pleased when I saw it. It came in it’s own zip up bag. But when I tried to open the bag this is what I found. A broken zip. But that didn’t matter so much as it didn’t affect the product.
This is what it looks like outside the bag. The first thing I noticed was how soft and fluffy it was.

It had a cute label on the side in Chinese. I don’t know what it said but I like the way it looks, makes it look cute and quirky

At the bottom of it there is a zipped compartment, with a battery holder. It takes 3xAA battery’s

I put the battery’s in and turned it on. and there is a small round button you press on the front that makes it light up. It then changes colours, going from blue, green, yellow,orange, red, pink and purple

My little girl absolutely loves this pillow and was playing with it for hours with her dolls, making them go to sleep on them

The second item in the package was the Chinese Checkers Game. Which when I first saw it I was not impressed at all!! If I had paid for this item I would be returning it straight away and demanding my money back. Just look at the state of the box!

It was squashed, the corners where all flat and torn and it was covered in packaging tape. This would have been no good at all if you where buying it as a present

Most of the writing on it was in Chinese, which I didn’t mind as it was a Chinese Checkers game after all. But the English on it was terrible!

Here’s what it looks like out of the box. Not bad.

Both the board and the counters are made out of wood, which I liked. But the white counters aren’t painted very good. You can see the wood through the white and they also have red marks on them

All the counters are in the board. But can you see what’s wrong with this photo?

Yep. one of the green pieces is missing! You can’t really play a good game of Chinese Checkers with one of the pieces missing now can you? When I contacted the guy who sent them me out and told him about the box being squashed and covered in packaging tape and one of the playing pieces being missing. All he said is will you still write a good review for us. I will write an honest review is what I said.

And also the box was a bit small to be able to get both the board and the counters back in. Maybe that’s why it was all packaged tape together in the first place

Overall, I love the star cushion and if you brought it yourself would be well worth the money. The Chinese checkers game would be too it the box wasn’t wrecked and all the pieces we’re there. But Tmart have got a long why to go with the packing and also their custom satisfaction

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