Applying Eye Makeup Like a Professional


This article focuses on the topic of eye makeup, how to apply it and how to apply it like a pro! This is something that every girl needs to know, so read on to find out how to get the perfect eye makeup without forking out for a professional makeup artist. This is a unique step-by-step guide that guides you through the process of applying eye makeup while giving friendly tips along the way.

The purpose of the makeup
Matching the purpose of the eye makeup to the actual makeup is one of the most important things about applying eye makeup. We all know and love Pat Butcher from Eastenders of yesteryear but who could forget her blue eyeliner and chandelier earrings? There is nothing worse than turning up to a job interview with so much eye makeup that you can’t see anywhere but straight ahead because you are afraid to look down in case your eyelashes stick together.
When applying eye makeup take some time to consider the venue you will be in with your makeup, the company, the lighting and the impact you want to achieve. You can even do a few test runs with different products using online tools like

Washing your face
Start the application process by washing your face. Remove all those dead skin cells and then you will have a perfectly fresh clean slate to start with. Don’t apply too much moisturizer as this can cause eye makeup to go runny.

You should look to even out your skin tone with some concealer. You need to ensure that under eye circles are covered, and that any blemishes are addressed before you apply your eye makeup. Use your fingers to blend the makeup you apply around your eye area outwards towards your ears, and downwards to the top half of your nose. Ensure that the application of make up at this stage is not too heavy as remember you will have to eventually blend this in with your base makeup you apply to the rest of your face. Finish up by setting the concealer with some loose powder on a large brush.

Eyeshade is applied in three steps. Apply a medium colour to your eyelid, and work towards the eyebrow in a lighter colour or using a lighter application of the same shade. Apply a darker colour to the bottom crease of your eyelid. Be careful with this area as dragging makeup brushes over this area can cause damage to the delicate skin covering the eyelids.

After you have applied enough eye shadow, then you should blend carefully using your fingers, or fluffy brush. You can apply eyeliner to accentuate the look further if required. Apply eyeliner in ting strokes as if joining the dots.

Finishing off
You can finish off the eye makeup session by curling your eyelashes. Always curl your eyelashes before you put mascara on. Apply mascara in upward strokes for extra definition.


Applying Eye Makeup Like a Professional


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