3 Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Potty Chair {guest post}

Searching for a potty chair could become very confusing if you don’t have any idea what you are looking for. There are a number of choices in the market nowadays with varying designs, features, colors, sizes and many more. As a smart consumer, you can save money if you are going to get a multifunctional one so that your kids can use it extensively.

To guide you with your decision on how to choose the perfect potty tool for your kids, here are the three tips that you could always follow:

1. Comfortable and Safe. Potty seat for kids should have a great deal of comfort. Most of the time, parents would always associate comfort with softness. But in the case for the seat of a potty tool, it should not be soft because the child could easily slide into it. Softness of the seat usually leads to accidents of most children. A comfortable potty tool should have rough edges that will prevent the child from sliding down. You should also check for the base; make sure that it is not slippery.

2. Shield feature. This is a very important component of a potty tool because child tends to be very messy when using it. As a smart parent, you can always make use of the removable shield especially for your young boys. The shield could be removed after use so that you can wash it with soap and water.

3. Step tool. Potty with step stool is very important especially for toddlers. They can basically use this when they are about to wash their hands on the sink and reach for the soap. Toilet chair is usually characterized with step tool that will also help the child access adult toilets whenever they wanted to use it.

Deciding what kind of potty tool to be used for your kids is very important because it is where your child’s comfort and safety lies. Besides have a great potty chair, every parent needs to have some sort of a technique in order to effectively teach his or her child use that potty.

As a parent and person who already potty trained two children, I highly recommend you to check out Carol Cline potty training method. It’s a comprehensive guide that walks you through every single aspect of potty training process regardless whether you try potty training girls or boys.

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